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    Insane in the Membrane and MoP

    Just a quick question, is this still obtainable? I thought it was and haven't seen a blue post stating otherwise,

    However a friend just told me she was close to getting it, when it was removed? just want a confirmation really



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    Still in game, hasnt been removed. Friend is full of shit lmao.

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    thought so, think its more mis informed,

    Thanks though

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    yesterday i had a friend who told me the same thing lol

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    one of the reps required was removed maybe that threw them off

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    Shen'dralar was removed both as an ingame faction, and as a requirement for the Feat of Strength.
    Insane in the Membrane is still available.

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    Got it 1st time DMF came around during MoP, very well still obtainable, unless they changed some reps with MoP since i only needed some DMF dailys to ding it!

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    Going to be made easier by the 5.1 rep changes, no?

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    It was originally going to be removed, but because of all the backlash and complaining, Blizzard decided to keep it in the game. It's gone a few changes since then. Shendra'lar was removed becoming a feat of strength and DMF has undergone a revamp, so you no longer need to turn in DMF cards to get exalted obviously. Just to the quests. Other than that, yes it's still very much in the game.

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    I would be very upset if they removed it from the game, i didn't spend all that time farming for nothing.

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    It hasn't been "Insane" since WoTLK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    It hasn't been "Insane" since WoTLK.
    Though due to the changes in mobs in cataclysm, it's not too far from it.
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    Found this on wowhead

    For those of you wanting to track this ach in the in-game tracker, use the following command:

    /run AddTrackedAchievement(2336)

    it will list the remaining factions for this Feat of Strength.

    To remove it again:

    /run RemoveTrackedAchievement(2336)

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    It's in the game, you need all factions at Exalted at the same time.
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