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    Until the WoW movie comes out and subs jump to about 30 million...
    I think it's very unlikely that movie will ever be made.

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    The truth is that back in Wrath Wow peaked at 12mill subs and EU and US made up the vast majority of that 12million. The Asian market was tiny and only just starting so can at best only account for 1 or 2 million subs.
    That's completely wrong.
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    I hate these casual Fridays ruining it for real Fridays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunteromg View Post
    think most of you are skipping quite huge problem. you CANT raid if you allready didnt raid. no1 will take you. i have seen pugs or even guilds spaming for hours for specific role and wouldnt take me cus i didnt have achi even tho i am very well geared.

    community is huge problem in this game. even tried to apply to some guilds that didnt clear MSV and they just dont want to take you if you dont have raid xp. its magical circle cus they will prolly break up if they dont get tank but they dont want tank without raid xp...

    same stands for pvp guilds. if you dont have certain arena rating you are not welcomed. since i cant achive neither, pvp or pve "status", and no1 would take me in without em i dont see other then say that commnuity is killing this game

    and thats why is dying for me
    Your server must be the most ignorant server in the world.
    I've seen plenty of guilds on different servers taking new players in, and progress quite well.

    Or you could do LFR, should give you some starting experience.

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    I haven't done daylies for some time now, and I'm having plenty of fun PvPing, lvling a new toon or just messing around in the game.
    Daylies are not mandatory, unless you NEED the enchants from Shado-Pan or Celestial thingies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JadleHF View Post
    Your server must be the most ignorant server in the world.
    It's pretty common on the most populated servers. For the PvP servers that wouldn't even take you if you didn't have a 2200 rating. PvE, achieve and ilevel or don't bother PMing. Even in WotLK it was like that, people wanting GS 5800+ for normal ICC (and yes with achieves).

    And LFR isn't going to achieve, either.
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