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    Kinda yes. I definitely need to spend a big chunk of my time on my own relaxing and collecting my thoughts, or I get increasingly irritated with people. The closer they are to me the more irritated I can get.

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    I am a bit of a loner as in I don't go out much but at times I get bored by myself and have to go out to do something. I'd rather go do some things solo (gym, shopping, etc) but I when I feel the need to party, I'd rather not drink alone.
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    Depends on the definition really, at this point in time I have quite an active social life, in fact I find myself loosing contact with a few people purely because I dont have the time required to maintain a friendship with them. But it hasn't always been like this, a few years ago I was much happier with my own company playing games then I was doing the stereotypical activities of people my age, this was down to personal preference more then anything.

    I have always managed to keep myself entertained so being in a situation where I am alone for an extended amount of time has never really bothered me and I doubt it ever really will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankLampard View Post
    I like to think of it as being a Lone Wolf.

    I have never had a need for friends personally. I'm not bothered if I don't go out much. I'm more than happy with my own company. I go to the Cinema alone. I go up to London to watch Chelsea games on my own. I shop alone, I go to the gym on my own, I do most of my activities alone. People think that is weird and they often "feel sorry" for me. Why?

    I'm not shy at all. I can talk to people, I just choose not to be around others. I prefer my own company. While I do have a few close friends, I rarely do anything more with them then go get drunk on the odd Friday night. I've had girlfriends, and successful long term relationships. I would say I am quite social if that makes sense. I initiate conversations with strangers and colleagues and am happy to have a conversation but when it comes to living life, I prefer to do it alone. I'm raising money at the moment to do a charity skydive next year...on my own. Why is it people think they should feel sorry for you if you prefer to live so introverted? My quality of life is excellent, I love my life and I don't see how having loads of friends would improve it.

    Obviously when it comes to women I'm a little different. I find women a lot easier to be myself around and they generally accept me for being "a loner". I've actually had a lot of them say it's sexy.

    TL;DR - I'm a normal healthy person with the ability to socialise and make friends but I choose not to, because I prefer to live life on my own and by my own rules.

    Are you the same?
    TL;DR - textbook description of an introvert. 33-50% of people are introverts so it's arrogant to assume you are the only one.

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    I have a close group of friends, 10+, and have a lot of social interaction, but I really enjoy being a loner sometimes. I'll decline to go out and what not just so I can stay home and be comfortable. I'm usually out on weekends though. I like when I'm not.
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    Yes. I tend to remove myself from others for the greater part of the day, and have on occasion gone several days without even saying a word. Other people tend to ignore me on a consistent basis, a system I am very much in favor of as I ignore them right back, and ultimately I'm perfectly happy spending an evening enjoying a nice meal of penne vodka with wine, watching a movie in my home instead of going out to a nearby party. Even back in my home country, I found the company of others tedious.
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    More the "I'll see you next week" and not "Tomorrow" kind of guy (introvert, whatever)

    Next week meaning don't even call me until we're meeting up, dammit.

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    Mechagnome Laraven's Avatar
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    I think some people recharge thier personal "battieries" by being around others. And some recharge by being alone. Being around other people is draining for me.

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    Being introverted has it's perks sometimes. Tho I sometimes craved for the company of others (I was quite attached to my ex) while avoiding contact with other people.

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    Yes. I tend to remove myself from others for the greater part of the day, and have on occasion gone several days without even saying a word. Other people tend to ignore me on a consistent basis [...]
    My typical day right there.
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    No, I love people and I love socializing. It's a pain in the ass sometimes due to my frustrating health issues, but I still would much rather be around people than be alone.

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    Always been frustrating being more of an introvert in a family of extroverts.
    For lack of a better term it seems like they don't understand why I wouldn't want to be smothered with people.
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    Scarab Lord namelessone's Avatar
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    I appreciate having a chance to be alone, but I do like company of other people in most cases. I live with my spouse though, so I'm never really alone at this point. I don't go out a lot, maybe once every few weeks. And I don't make friends easily.
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    People as a general whole, tend to suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laraven View Post
    I think some people recharge thier personal "battieries" by being around others. And some recharge by being alone. Being around other people is draining for me.
    Agreed, I'm just like that. Being a loner, spending time with other people is incredible exhausting. It's not that I don't like spending time with other people, it's just that I get tired of being around people and makes me grumpy. :c

    Also, an article about introverts, in case someone is interested in reading it.
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    In the sense that I still live with my family, brother and parents because we get along I do not consider myself a loner, but I would like to own my very own place one day

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    Being introverted always sounds like a disease to me.

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    I wouldn't call myself a "loner" anymore, as I enjoy going out and doing things with other people, but I definitely need daily alone time to center and recharge myself. If I don't get my alone time, I start to get frazzled and snappy.

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    There's no problem being alone. Do whatever excites you, and do it with whomever you want to. I like meeting new people from time to time, but those in my life are all that matter to me. I grew up and interacted with different social groups, but was never fond of actually joining them. They're only people and no where near better than the next person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamdwelf View Post
    Being introverted always sounds like a disease to me.
    It's not. It's just as normal and healthy/normal as an extrovert.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    It's not. It's just as normal and healthy/normal as an extrovert.
    Then why do you need time away from people to like "recharge" or whatever, that does not seem normal or healthy.

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