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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    Same boat actually. Can't for the life of me figureout what I am doing wrong with reforgelite. It's probably something painfully simple though ><
    have you configured yours like woaden's or mine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veiled View Post
    have you configured yours like woaden's or mine?
    This ^

    Either way works perfectly.

    AMR on the other hand though... less than accurate under most circumstances.

    Reforge Lite > AMR

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    I actually haven't tried since way back in cata. I got annoyed with it and gave-up >< Been pretty much doing the calculations manually since then, which at this point isn't too bad. When I figure out what I am going to do raid/guildwise though I might give it another go.

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    Wowreforge is still great at optimizing if you remove the gems/enchants from your gear and work out your new thresholds from there.
    {[( )]}

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