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    yes, he certainly is
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    Yeah, the Rift devs are very cheeky.

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    At least your bags weren't close to full. I had stacks of the ham and the s'mores in my bags - the stack size is now 1 (instead of whatever it was before), and they've taken over my bags and the bag buffer - every time I clear an inv slot, another ham appears.

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    I had loads of pumpkins in mine. I thought it was a bug... but now...?
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    had some stacks in my bank and today they some stack are in my bag guess its just a bug

    and elrar cant troll me he dont know who i am :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    I wonder if he did this to me... Acquiesce was saying it may have been Elrar messing with me. ;o

    (All of the bloody hams.... were not there last night when I logged off...) lol
    LOL, I didn't know I have guildies who post on these forums...

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    I envy anyone who doesn't notice Deltrus here on the forums.

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