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    Nerfs must've been pretty significant. We accidentally face pulled the encounter after killing trash and we killed it with 0 issues even though our 2 healers both started below 20% mana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simca View Post
    Yeah, it was our best attempt of the night and at 10% he did a 2-healer mind control, with a resto druid and a holy paladin, leaving me to solo heal a Force and Verve. Needless to say, it was extremely frustrating and we left for Elegon (which we just killed).

    With no more "2-healer mind control" bullshit and the Force and Verve nerf, we should get through it fine. Very happy to hear this.
    We were having a lot of problems with healers being mc-ed going into next ability, but then we just put together our highest dps (we had broken from a 25 into two 10s, then finally into just one 10) and we broke everyone before the next ability started.
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    Force and Verve hit for the normal amount on me just over an hour ago. (102k ish) Don't think they changed the damage output.

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    The damage didnt change, they just buffed the bubbles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alone0129 View Post
    The damage didnt change, they just buffed the bubbles.
    Yep. The bubbles reduce damage by 60% now, up from 40%, on both difficulties.

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