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    LFR: Looking for (nerd)Rage.

    Hi guys!
    This is a preatty useless thread, I just wanted to ask you about a "problem" that's happening to me about LFR drops.
    Just wanted to see if anyone else here has the same shit happening.

    I am a Discipline/Holy Priest, when I do LFR I just go Discipline, 'cause it's my favourite playing style
    But when it comes to loot, well that's just annoying!
    Look out what i got in LFR from Mists of Pandaria start to now:

    Torch of the Celestial Spark
    Imperial Ghostbinder's Robe
    Undying Shadow Grips

    And today:

    Leggings of Shadow Infestation - Charm of Good Fortune From the Empress
    Malevolent Gladiator's Cuffs of Prowess - Charm of Good Fortune From Sha of Anger

    (I cannot post links, so if you want to see the pieces you have to search them on wowhead, sorry!)

    You see what all these pieces have in common? They've got no spirit :/
    Right now we need spirit all the way. I can take 1 or maybe 2 pieces without spirit but i cannot go raiding with a no-spirit-at-all gear.
    Ok reforging, but that's just s**t.
    Do you think I'm just unlucky or I might be bugged?
    Opened a ticket, hope blizzard will clarify that.

    Any of you having the same issue?
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    You're just unlucky. If the pieces have hit it'd be a bug.

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    "This is a preatty useless thread, I just wanted to ask you about a "problem" that's happening to me about LFR drops."

    Never make threads concerning why X item doesn't drop. It clutters the forum and provides no information that will magically make them drop. Tickets won't help putting spirit on items.
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