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    LFM Black Ops 2 - EU - skype

    Hello! i bought black ops 2 on launch day (have not played call of duty since modern warfare 2) but quickly realised none of my irl friends had any plans on playing the game.

    So here i am looking for a few people to play the game with, have a good time, chat on skype or whatnot. (might also be interested in something serious)

    Both fun games, serious gameplay, zombie mode etc is of interest!

    about me:
    I am male, 21 years of age from Sweden. I am still a student so i have quite abit of time to play. I am a relaxed guy that enjoys a good time with strangers playing various games. I laugh alot, and can find the most odd things fun(abit of a troll if i may say so myself, (shouldnt be taken too seriously).

    I am looking for you! age 17+ with a mature/have a laugh attitude for some relaxed playing. Even if you dont fit on this description hit me up with what you got, im not impossible.

    (PS. I'm playing on PC)
    just reply here, send me a pm or add my skype: MurriMint

    ps. i dont bite
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    Megathreads are used for almost everything to do with a game and we have a Blacks Ops II thread which you can use for discussion along with looking for others to play with as you are doing with this thread.


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    Aight, i considered making a reply there first, but figured it would get lost really quickly..

    if im at fault here for creating a new thread instead, just let me know and i make a reply in the right place instead

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