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    Coin roll and spec

    Hello guys

    I did sha of anger (the world boss) and finaly got my tier pants, but noticed that they were dps ones, (im tank only!) wasent it spec apropriate?
    (yes, got it on coin roll)

    Spoke to a Gm about it, and kinda got even more confused about it..

    Link to pic:

    ive seen people having same problem as me, but then again, ive seen/heard about people getting their items from GM's, eg: a dps get tank gear, when he rolled with a coin, spoke to a GM, and got his dps gear.

    have you tryed somthing like that?

    Inb4 im bad at spelling.
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    I always get spec-appropriate pieces when rolling with coins, got my set bonus for dps last week. however, i do see tanks on the armory with tier legs for tank, but tier gloves for dps..

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    Forget your spelling, you are allowed to.

    "I know they already got feedback about it but more tey get the better they will understand it"

    Sound the alarms, a GM has a spelling error
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    I believe that sha loot isnt spec-specific, but rather an item that your class can use, in your case a tank item as such. I've had this happen on my shammy, where I'd get agi gear as a resto/ele shaman.
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    I have not heard of a single situation where someone was able to petition a GM and get their gear changed to another spec.

    The world bosses make sense to be not spec specific. Be happy you are not being Master Looted loot in a 40 man raid. Things would be a lot more complicated and far less loot would go out.

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    hmm a little update, as you all know, the GM culdent help me, BUT i had a freind of my, telling that if i hit blizzards forum, they can help me, so i did, hopefully they can help me

    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    I believe that sha loot isnt spec-specific, but rather an item that your class can use, in your case a tank item as such. I've had this happen on my shammy, where I'd get agi gear as a resto/ele shaman.
    if you go to the front page, scroll down, you see a blue saying, that it isnt intended when you roll with coins, it is suposed to be for your spec, nothing else
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    I'm kinda glad to see that it's more class specific than spec specific, however i understand that leaves the possibility open to end up with gear you won't ever use. For me, on my pally, that would be Holy gear. I am Tank/DPS with no intention of ever trying Holy, but i'd prefer that the loot system looks at class before spec. Most bosses tend to cover all specs, so the chance of getting gear for one of your 2 chosen specs is pretty good vs getting something for the spec you don't use.

    I especially would like this for LFR because sometimes it's not a good idea to tank LFR, like when it's brand new and people have no clue what they are doing. I prefer to get an idea of the fight as DPS so i can see all the mechanics and what not to stand in when i am least responsible for my role - ya know, cause in 25 man there are 2 tanks and 20 dps - it's much easier to go unnoticed if you mess up, but as a tank it could wipe the group. I know, i know, that's kind of a crappy approach to LFR, and really only contributes to longer queue times and me taking a little longer to learn my role as a tank....it's pretty selfish as well. So be it.

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