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    Lightbulb [Video] Roaming in RvR with [MoS]Kalhi

    Hi everyone,

    There is a Thief's RvR video that I've composed during several weeks.

    Millenium Old School - Kalhi | Gw2 Thief RvR / PvP Video HD


    You'll find :
    • Duels
    • Camps stealing
    • [MoS]'s warband rush
    • Golems's attack
    • And more...

    There's two builds that I used :
    • First, based on bleeds damages (purple skin)
    • Second, based on direct damages (red skin)

    Finally, I hope that this video will surprise you and that you'll have pleasure to look watch it,

    Millenium Old School Thieves Officer
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