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    So I haven't played since earlier this year and I forgot my password. Tried resetting it but apparently I forgot my Secret Question Answers too, or I spelled them in a way I forgot (I think it's the latter). Am I screwed or is there a chance to get my account back?

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    I had the same problem. I called them and had everything reset within 20 mins (that includes the time I was on hold).
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    Ok I'll do that tomorrow then, thanks.

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    In the future you should really always choose security questions you'll remember the answer to... They are supposed to be things you would not forget. O_o

    First school you attended. First pet's name. Mom's maiden name. Childhood best friend's name. I don't understand how one forgets these things, they are kind of ingrained in your memory, no?
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    I actually try to find problems with my account just to ring trion, it still baffles me how good they are, and im a sad sad person

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