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    Although I am having a ton of fun, I'll admit the level curve seems a bit extreme. I'm not trying to level at any pace, but looking at my bar and seeing little progress is a bit disheartening. Ah well, I'm getting gear upgrades and some PA levels, so it's all good.

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    60 since friday morning eu time

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    Update 51 and a bit, I am really enjoying this levelling it feels like I have achieved something instead of facerolling through but everyone's different and for others I could see it as an obstacle to them getting to what they enjoy. I have banned myself from dimensions so I can get something else done

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    I finally hit lvl 52 this morning.

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    46 or 48, haven't played since the very beginning of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proxeneta View Post
    46 or 48, haven't played since the very beginning of the game.
    Any plans to try out Storm Legion?

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    Falling asleep at computer... Seratos isn't super exciting when you're tired. haha

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    with how busy i haven been with school/finals, ive only made it about half-way to 51. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lathais View Post
    updated and stuff. Gotta say, 57-60 is brutal.
    And I thought 51 to 52 was brutal, gonna have fun with the later levels i can tell

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    Just dinged 60 an hour ago. What a relief. I had to grind all the dailies and carnage at the end, I ran out of Story quests. There really needs to be a bit less XP per level, mebbe 15% less. You should hit max level with a few Story quest endings left imo which the gear rewards drive you to finish. Instead I ran about looking for random little quests that you would only find by going literally everywhere and doing all the Carnage quests I could find, it felt a lot like grinding out the last 3-4million XP. Mind you I did no dungeons, PvP or Instant Adventures as I leveled, though I did do a few Onslaughts an all eighteen of the entry level hunt rifts.

    About Carnage quests... well they're alright, really they just save you from running to and from a quest giver, which is nice. That leaves all the good rewards on the Story and since you only have Story quests those are more interesting and more likely to be read and paid attention too, again a positive thing. But lord above the mobs are too far spread apart, do not want to kill 12-20 mobs with far too much health one at a frikkin time, repeat 20-40 times per zone. So definitely room for improvement there. Move mobs off path, and make them a bit denser, and Carnage would be all positives.

    On the positive side, the story has been awesome with tons of insights into the history of Telara and the current world situation, lots of funny stuff going on and references to pop culture, and the Storm Legion quests are a massive improvement on the original games quests. Zones are gorgeous, and the scale on everything is breath taking, amazing sky boxes, huge mountains, vast buildings and ruins. Beautiful.

    So overall, nerf the XP requirement and bunch up those mobs, and it'd be perfect. 8/10 as it is.
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    I am 2 bubbles from 56 and i have been putting some time into this.. I don't get how people are 60 already - something tells me I picked the slowest possible way to level.

    Also, quick question - I asked guild but their response was subpar - Is it just a bug or is there a reason there is no HIT on gear 55+. I have now gotten a ring and necklace that would've been easy upgrades - except they have no HIT. Wouldn't have even cared, but there was definitely hit on the pieces 54 and below.
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    Aaaaand there we go, 60 at last, was kinda slow the last level due to running out of story quests. The normal quests needs to give more XP or reduce the number of mobs on the carnage quests and have them give a bit more. Other than that it was great as far as leveling goes.
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    Yea, I figured out the carnage quests weren't really optional somewhere around level 54 or so. What a drag.

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    If Carnage Quests rewarded the 60k or so xp normal quests provide (at least at level 55), I'm sure it'd knock a level or two off of the grind. Sure, you make 2-4k xp per mob, but the final reward of like 18k should be changed.

    I figure there's at least 200 Carnage Quests. If each CQ was worth an additional 42k xp (18k + 42 = 60k), you'd earn an additional 8.2 million xp over the course of leveling, and it'd sweeten the pot a bit, running around trying to find the additional mobs.

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    51 atm and damn it's taking time but it's really fun so won't give up.
    By this rate I'm expected to be level 60 around year 2015.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tippable View Post
    51 atm and damn it's taking time but it's really fun so won't give up.
    By this rate I'm expected to be level 60 around year 2015.
    We can have a 'race' for last to 60. *laugh* I'm just shy of 51 atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merrier View Post
    We can have a 'race' for last to 60. *laugh* I'm just shy of 51 atm.
    I'm halfway through level 50, I might win this race. I haven't played the past few days though.

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    I think the xp requirement is fine right now because there's so many people leveling, it makes rifts/hunt rifts/IA so much more popular compared to how it would be if solo-questing was the fastest.
    Maybe it's just me though because this is the first time I haven't rushed to endgame in a theme park MMO.
    But I think it would be pretty boring if you didn't have easy access to hunt rift/IA groups all the time so the experience nerf is inevitable.

    Quote Originally Posted by merrier View Post
    We can have a 'race' for last to 60. *laugh* I'm just shy of 51 atm.
    I will win that, dimensions are awesome so wouldn't surprise me if I was still sub-60 at the next expansion.

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