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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    Why can these deals be fore console?!?! :'(

    Consoles have some pretty good deals, just that I'm posting things related to the topic at hand. I'm jealous that Amazon has Dishonored for consoles and phyiscal copy PC for $25, but no Digital Download. http://www.amazon.com/Dishonored-Xbo...rds=dishonored

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    25% off code: GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q

    Brings Dishonored down to 22.50$
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    New deals up on Amazon.
    NFS: MW $19.99
    Dark Souls - $14.99
    Batman Bundle - $9.99 (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009L4KQVE?...eapassgam08-20)
    Borderlands 2 - $29.99
    Bioware Bundle - $14.99 (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A6CRZPU?...eapassgam08-20)

    And at noon, PS Vita bundle for $179.99. The one I'm waiting for. Then my wallet can rest in peace.

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    Battlefield 3 Premium Edition for $29.99 at amazon. Such a great deal since you get the 5 DLC's with it that cost $15 bucks each.

    Also the gaming headphones I have are on sale for only $39.99 normally 79.99. I liked them better then my Razer Electras I had.


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    NBA2k13 22 dollars for PC.

    NBA2k13 still 60 dollars for console.

    Sigh. lol

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    Got the BioWare bundle and I am damn pleased.

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