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    Is upgrading double windsong to double dancing steel(SMF) a noticible difference?

    Thread title says it all.

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    I would like to know this aswell... really like my windsong procs.. so never really tried dancing steel.

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    It is EOT
    Geme smtn 2 kielllllll.

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    On the mainhand weapon certainly, on the offhand... doubtful.
    Landsoul is still using Windsong on his 502 offhand, and i doubt it's because he can't afford to change it

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    no, windsong can proc all 3 secondary stats at once off the same enchant, i saw 2 crits, 2 hastes and 1 mastery up on my monk once and thought it was a UI bug but it actually had the buffs. the value of that is a LOT better than dancing steel.

    it's literally just not worth the money, it simply sims out slightly higher

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordzed83 View Post
    It is EOT
    This told me nothing at all, care to explain?
    Bang bang

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    Right now it probably is not but once they move Dancing Steel to the realm PPM system in 5.1 it will be.

    Guess I should have been hoarding scrolls...
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