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    Ive gotten 12 sigils, bracers, two weapons, a necklace, and a breastplate for loot..for reference

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    I think most of the problems people have with the new system is a combination of a few of things:

    - Many people do not understand the concept of probability properly
    - The is psychological effect of not being able to see the loot
    - You can't cheese the new system with trades or giving stuff to your mates
    - You might end up with something useless

    As far as probability goes, not much is going to be done about that. If someone doesn't want understand it you can't force them to.

    The fact that you can't see anyone looting stuff can sometimes make it feel like you just killed a boss for no real reason. You just have to trust that someone, somewhere won some loot.

    It's not cheeseable. This is a good thing. Deal with it and stop trying to find sneaky ways round the system.

    The final point is the only one I agree needs an actual solution. Prior to this system it has always been possible to DE loot if an enchant is present, either by letting them win the item, giving it to them or more recently through the roll UI. I feel it would be a decent addition to LFR to give players who win loot the option of taking their loot or taking a sha crystal provided that there is an enchanter in the raid. This would hopefully take the edge off winning loot you don't need while never winning what you do need.

    If you hadn't already guessed I much prefer the new system.

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    I like the new one. We no longer have people needing on gear they dont need. The first system for it allowed them to need on stuff to trade it for future drops, making it hard for someone who needed that piece.

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    This system > the previous one. While in a perfect world, a normal roll system would be preferably, WOW is not a perfect world. I can't remember the last LFR where rolls were being fair - whoever could need, needed, whether or not it was an upgrade for them.

    Not only this though, what I'm happiest about is NO MORE WHISPERS. When I finally would win an item, I'd get SPAM whispered if s/he could have it, sometimes even flamed. Some people would get in huge arguments too (note that I never needed when I didn't need). I have a hard time saying no so sometimes I'd actually go d'awww poor soul and give him the item.

    That, to be honest, is the thing that bugged me most - the beggars. Sure, I whispered people who needed for the sake of needing (like, a weapon I could have used, while he had the heroic version, or whatever). Those people are always douches anyway so it's a wasted effort. But whisper someone just cause he rolled higher? No.

    All in all I'm superglad this system is in place.

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    I prefer the new system. Only issues I have is that getting a piece of gear you already had sucks. Also, apparently my rolls still suck and a rarely win anything as it is lol. I can't wait til 5 mans are like this to avoid people rolling need on os items (I'm looking at you druids and shamans). I prefer this simply because the anoni-greed is awful, so much to the point that people now have resorted to rolling need on greens and blues in LFR.

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    The new system is better but I think they could make it a little bit nicer. Either make things tradeable (in the case of duplicate items) and also see what the boss dropped. That being said though this system is still 100 times better than losing a shield or tanking weapon to a fury warrior who, "Might tank one of these days!"

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    The problem with the new loot system is people are not seeing any loot drop across the board. In the old system bosses dropped 4 pieces max. With the new system anyone can get gear, by simply beating the system roll. People just think the system is worse because they can't see loot dropping for other people. They try to compare gear they have gotten from LFR to now to gear they got in Cataclysm, which is just another poor argument against that fallacy. RNG is RNG and the new system is an improvement in every way over the old system. The old system was just exploited by douche bags that needed everything they could and tried to trade later if loot they wanted dropped or offered to sell the item.

    Quote Originally Posted by mutigerguy20 View Post
    The new system is better but I think they could make it a little bit nicer. Either make things tradeable (in the case of duplicate items) and also see what the boss dropped. That being said though this system is still 100 times better than losing a shield or tanking weapon to a fury warrior who, "Might tank one of these days!"
    This would only create even more exploits, especially in guild runs. You do realize that you could theoretically completely gear one gear type (i.e. cloth) out in one run under that system. More gear can drop now and trading would mean going back to only four gear drops per boss again. It would also mean loot wins and rolls are viewable by everyone once again which would also negate the entire system once again and would throw the QQers into whispers once again and the D bags would demand they get the gear just because they are so elite and do more damage with much better iLvl gear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sisk View Post
    How about you stop doing the dailies and using the charms then? If you think the odds are that bad then there is no reason for you to use them and no one is forcing you, unless ofc you acknowledge that the chances of getting loot with the coins are far better then you make them out to be, and admit that you know you just had bad RNG and is crying about it...
    Is the statement that gold from charms isn't free (since it requires dailies) a statement about gold or odds of winning an item? The part about wasting charms on gold was referring to the situation when you get gold and was a follow up to the earlier statement. And you are only lucky when you get gear from them, but they universally describe you as lucky for the mere fact of being their owner. That's what their tooltip says. And that's why their tooltip is false. So, when exactly did I mention the odds of getting loot from charms?

    How about you focus on the content of posts you quote before making a reply? Also, do you have statistics about the chance to get loot from charms? Do you have blue posts or GM responses clarifying the percentage of successful charm rolls? Because I'd really like to know the source of your claim that this chance is far better than the imaginary statement about the issue you managed to see in my post. Because the only blue posts I recall about charms described their mechanics and Blizzard's reason for adding them to the game.

    Oh, and one of pillars of WoW's design is gearing up as fast as possible. So your suggestion to resign from one source of gear, because "no one is forcing" me has little merit, especially in the light of your later description of my RNG. Also, I don't see the causality between odds of getting gear from charms, or reasons to use them and my acknowledgement (or lack thereof) of the state of my RNG.
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    I suggest we remove mounts and instead use a similar system. Because of the cataclysm, everyone starts with a broken spine and is paralyzed from the waist down. So you need to get by with only your arms, reducing speed by 90%. At 60 you can pay 5k for a bitchin' Drek'thar brand wheelchair.
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    Perhaps actually go read up on the subject before opening your mouth and continuing to say incorrect shit.

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    I like the current one better.

    Seems more balanced somehow

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    I hate the current system, I can no long ninja or "roll for guildmate".

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    The new system is SO much better than the old system, I want it rolled out into LFD as well.

    Seriously, if this new loot system was a women, I would propose.

    Is it perfect? Of course it's not, perfection is impossible, but there is NO loot drama! No huge gap between bosses while everyone argues that the guy who won is a noob/already has the peice and argues that THEY are in some strange way more suited for the piece than the other poor shmucks who lost, the boss dies, random loot flavoured magic happens and you either get some loot, or a bag full of cash money (which, while not as good as loot, I might remind all you naysayers is considerably better than the FUCK ALL you got for not winning loot in the old system), didn't win anything? How about using one of your charms for a second chance at loot? Yup, in this system you can buy a SECOND CHANCE TO WIN LOOT. For that addition alone the new system is 1000000x better than the old one, I think I've actually won more loot from bonus rolls than I have from the bosses.

    seriously, I can't stress enough how much I love this new system.
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    The MoP system is A LOT better than the old one.

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    I like the new system, but two things really annoy me about it.

    Things should still be tradeable. I Q'd with my fiance, and I won a ring off a boss - I used my extra loot roll. I won the same ring again. My fiance, who is also a healer, got nothing. I should of been able to trade it and instead I had to vendor it. Same thing happened again - last boss, weapon drops, fiance got it the previous week, and then got it again. I got nothing, still have a dungeon weapon - had to be vendored instead of getting used...

    Getting 28g literally sucks when you go week after week and haven't had good enough RNG to get a damn thing. Give out gems, flask, mats, etc. at least..

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    The one that's in place now.
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    I like the new system the 2 changes I would have would be to make gear trade-able and instead of the coin roll being a separate roll make it so it double your chance at loot on the one roll.
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    Old one. I actually got gear in the old system. Consistently. I highly doubt I am going to get more than 2-3 pieces on my DK alt before this tier is obsolete. My warrior and DK were very well equipped in DS LFR by the end of cata. I can't say the same for MoP LFR.

    Currently on my Hunter I have won zero (0) pieces of gear that won't be easily upgradeable with Valor points. All I want are the trinkets and weapon. But nope, keep getting belts and necklaces...
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    new one is 100% better, no loot drama, ninjas ect.

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    Love the new system for all the reasons listed previously.

    No loot drama, no need to slow down the whole damn raid deciding who gets what, good random fun slot machine factor with the tokens too. (I normally save them for a boss that has two items that I need so I think I've got a better chance of winning something.)

    I agree too that I wish I could trade stuff. I've had Starshatter drop at least twice for me now and I'd have loved to pass it along to another DPS that I thought was doing well or had a nice transmog or something.

    I think the best way to handle trades would be to allow it once the next tier of raiding comes out. That way it suddenly becomes much easier to gear up guild alts. Then again I doubt that they'll do so because it's been pretty well stated that LFR is not going to be mandatory. So I can live without the trading and I'll just make folks grown when I happily announce my loot.

    Also I'm pretty sure Mehrunes is trolling, but here's a quick answer for you.

    It is free.

    My luck tokens are a byproduct of dailies which I'm running for fun anyway. As such anything I receive from said luck tokens is pure cake. Maybe I'll win something, maybe I'll just get gold and wish I'd saved that token for something else, but either way I'm not expending extra effort and it would be stupid of me or anyone to think that if I expended one of those tokens I'd have a 100% drop on something.

    Now if they introduced a mega-charm of good fortune or something with a 100% drop rate that might be interesting, but that's probably something they'd put on the black market AH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desh View Post
    Old one. I actually got gear in the old system. Consistently. I highly doubt I am going to get more than 2-3 pieces on my DK alt before this tier is obsolete. My warrior and DK were very well equipped in DS LFR by the end of cata. I can't say the same for MoP LFR.

    Currently on my Hunter I have won zero (0) pieces of gear that won't be easily upgradeable with Valor points. All I want are the trinkets and weapon. But nope, keep getting belts and necklaces...
    So you got consistent gear at the end of a raid tier that had lasted more then 6 months... In the beginning of DS it was just as hard if not worse to win gear since no one passed on anything.

    So you are complaining that you got several pieces of gear that was an upgrade, it just wasn't the gear you wanted because after several weeks worth of valor points you can upgrade them, wow hard to please much? :P

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    Current system easy.

    My paladin has been 90 for exactly one month now. Run all possible LFRs available for these four weeks. Not one piece of gear out of 12 Charms used. Gotten duplicates of the DPS gloves from Elegon.

    Even so, I would rather not get loot due to the Luck Fairy trolling me or even gear duplicates (*vomits*) than have gear drop and be taken by some douche who only wants it to grief the other people. Every time that Kiril dropped while playing my hunter in DS, it went to someone who already had it. Fast forward to today, would I like Starshatter? Yes. Do I want to see a Holy Paladin win it? No.

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