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    1 hour random bg queue.

    Hey, been queuing some random bgs today and i see that average waiting time is 1 hour, so i ask around what is you with this and many ppl told me this is because of the ban wave of bg boots. You guys have same problem? Are bots gone?
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    what battlegroup are you on? or do those not matter anymore?

    also, if the bots really are gone, the game would be much better.
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    My Q's have been less then 1 min and every game has likely 25% bots lol

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    Been getting longer and longer queue times since MOP release. Was <30 seconds for weeks, then a couple minutes, now around 6-8 minutes on average. The avg wait time says upwards of 40-50 mins as well.

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    Instant queues (under 30 seconds anyway) always. 1 hour, something seriously wrong

    As for bots....hell no they're not gone!!!

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    doing low lvl bg? because there some what bugged i got a feeling

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    Bugged queue. Leave and re-queue = problem solved.

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    i got same problem earlier, i tried leaving and rejoining, relogging, but kept saying 1hour. tried waiting in queue 5mins, nothing so i gave up.
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