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    <A> Business Class on Sargeras 25Man Recruiting

    Alliance - 25man 13/14H after less than 3 months!!! **Recruiting for Mythic raiding as well as current spots on our SoO Roster!**

    <Business Class> Immediate spots for Warlocks, DPS DK, Rogue, Ele Shammy, Boomy and Mages.

    **Recruiting for Mythic raiding as well as current spots on our SoO Roster!**

    <Business Class>

    Recruiting: Mages, Warlocks, Boomkin, Ele/Enh Shamans, DPS DK’s, Rogue, DPS Warrior, Hunters, Holy Paladin

    Always looking for exceptional DPS/Healers/Tanks who think they have what it takes for SoO and WoD Mythic raiding!

    Apply at: or contact any officer in-game

    Our raid times are as follows:

    *Tuesday- 8:00pm - 12:00am CST
    *Wednesday- 8:00pm - 12:00am CST
    *Thursday - 8:00pm - 12:00am CST

    Our number one priority in Business Class is maintaining our positive environment so that members are happy to log on and excited to raid and work together. However, if there’s someone out there that wants your position more, can fulfill the same environmental requirements, has equal or better performance, and is willing to work harder for the core raid position, then from a business standpoint we will need to be bringing those people into raids. As Business Class improves over time, our raider requirements are going to continue to inflate due to higher competition and higher density of applicants. Some people may get left behind in the process if they don’t continue to improve. We've seen it happen quite a few times already. It’s sad to see good players start to plateau with their performance, but we need to keep moving forward.

    All of these variables will contribute to our overall assessment of your performance as a raider and member within Business Class (the first three have the highest weight and significance):

    Raid Performance – members interested in raiding with Business Class must have an exceptional raid performance. Players are required to have a heightened sense of raid awareness and ability to execute boss mechanics near-flawlessly. Mechanic execution is prioritized over numbers that show up on the damage meter. Being able to perform competitive levels of DPS/HPS is also very important, but ignoring boss mechanics to improve your meter performance is not acceptable. We do not carry people that are incapable of performing the tasks necessary to be a core raider (regardless of their seniority or relationships with other players).

    Attendance – the ideal expectancy of raiders is to have 100% attendance. Unexcused absences are unacceptable (no-call, no-show, no-follow up). You are allowed to post on the forums with at least a 24 hour notice if you know you will be absent on a certain raid night. However, these absences are not encouraged and will certainly count against you.

    Drama – causing tension and lowering the morale of other members is completely unacceptable. It wastes time from our administrative members when they need to settle issues between feuding players. Members of Business Class need to maintain an extremely high level of professionalism. They need to be able to set their emotions aside and make decisions that are most beneficial for the guild as a whole. This means being able to pick and choose your battles properly. If you are having issues with other members, then please contact administration immediately.

    Adaptability and Flexibility – players capable of adapting to their raid environment efficiently and expediently are highly valued. This includes changing talents/glyphs/specs between bosses to better suit the encounter.

    Proactivity – members who go above and beyond the call of duty are highly valued. Business Class is comprised of dedicated members who all work hard to achieve a similar goal. We do not carry people! Here are examples that are important characteristics of a proactive raider:
    • Being constructive while sitting out in raids
    • Coming prepared for raids
    • Attending guild meetings/activities
    • Getting involved with handling administrative duties
    • Involvement on the forums
    • Involvement in Mumble
    • Involvement with raid strategy and discussion ( screen shares, Google Docs, etc)
    • Spending time outside of raid to work on your raid performance
    • Taking initiative and being productive for well-being of your own performance and for Business Class

    Professionalism – Synergy plays a key part in the success of Business Class. This is a team-oriented environment. Members must be able to work together in a mature and professional manner. Personability and communication skills are highly valued attributes.

    Gaming Hardware – Internet connection, computer performance, working headset – competitive raiding requires high-tier gaming equipment. If you are lagging or do not have the hardware required, then this will be counted against you.

    Seniority – this variable isn’t valued highly, but it’s certainly something we take into account. Too many times have we witnessed long-term members generate a level of entitlement over other members. Members of Business Class are required to continue to improve their performance. Being with the guild for a long period of time does not excuse you from continuing to execute the responsibilities required to be a member. However, being with the guild for a long period of time certainly shows a level of dedication that we appreciate.

    President – Guild Master
    Director – Officer
    Veteran – A core raider that we can consistently rely on to fulfill raid requirements and/or administrative duties.
    Executive – A raider that has passed their trial.
    Apprentice – Someone who has passed their trial, but hasn’t met enough of the requirements to be an Executive
    Trial – A new raider that has passed their interview process
    Future WoD Raid - low item level players looking to get back into competitive raiding once WoD releases
    PvP Officer
    PvP Core
    Technician – social/casual/alt

    Core Raiders in Business Class will not be in the raids 100% of the time:
    For example, let’s say we ideally want to run 2 warlocks in the raid. This doesn’t mean that we only invite our best two warlocks. Obviously, there’s going to be separations in skill level, dedication, and all other variables between different players of the same class/spec. For progression purposes, we will certainly be bringing our X best players of each class/spec. That being said, we would ideally want all of our warlocks (not just the two best) to have relatively equal performance. That way we can effectively rotate warlocks in and out of the raid to keep everyone consistent. Also, if we ever want to stack warlocks, then we have more than two skilled warlocks to bring into the fight that are all capable of executing the mechanics and dealing numbers necessary for competitive raiding. The goal of Business Class is for players to work with one another, bounce ideas off of each other, and be able to fill in due to absences, internet connection issues, etc. Core raiders must understand that contributing what they can from outside the raid is just as important and necessary as the work that is done within the raid.

    Policy on sitting during a raid:
    Being sat from the raid does not mean that you are worse (or better) than other players, that you are unvalued, or that you will never get into the raid. If you’re wondering where you’re at performance-wise, then contact an officer or the guild master at an appropriate time, and they will be happy to constructively review your strengths and weaknesses.
    Being sat from a raid does not mean that you get to AFK for the rest of the night. Raiding with Business Class is a commitment that you make. Players not in the raid group are expected to be in Mumble and listening to information pertaining to their class and role (extra credit: take notes and present them at meetings). You also need to be ready to come into the raid at any moment, for any reason. Here are some examples of things you could do while sitting during a raid:
    • Watch our stream and follow along with the raid (take notes)
    • Research (read forums for your class/spec, strategies for boss fights, etc)
    • Recruitment
    • Farm mats for the guild bank
    • Anything else productive and relevant to Business Class (if you have other ideas, make sure you run them by your officers at an appropriate time)

    Feel free to contact any officer in-game with any questions!

    Guild Leader: Ramtram
    Recruitment Officer: Rowin
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    9/14H from 2 weeks of raiding... moving fast, recruiting for WOD

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    10/14H... moving strong! Apply now for secure spots for WOD

    - - - Updated - - -

    Looking for a solid feral

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    Still looking for exceptional people

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    11/14 in under 2 months, still looking for great players!!!

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    LF Warrior or Brew Master Tank

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    Immediate spots for Warlocks, Enh or Ele Shammy, Hunter.

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    LF Locks, Shammys and WW Monk

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    Still looking! Join us for WOD

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    12/14H in under 3 months! Still looking

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    Still looking!!!! Locks, Shammies, Boomies and Priests

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    still looking

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    Still looking for those amazing players

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    still looking!!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    still looking for those awesome players!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Still looking!

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    I know you people are out there

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    still looking!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I know you're out there!!!

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    core spots for now and into wod!!!

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    still looking!

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    HGarry progression, need locks, monk and rogues!!!!

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    Still looking for locks, rogues and shammys!

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