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    [A] <Ante Meridiem> 25m Mornings Recruiting

    Morning / Daytime 14/14 H (10M) 12/14 Heroic (25M) SoO Raiding

    The <Ante Meridiem> AM Raid Team raids from 8:45am to 1:00pm, EST, Fridays, Saturdays (8:45 am to noon), and Mondays on Stormrage, Alliance. We are a 25man team that's been raiding since Vanilla, and are looking for exceptional players as we continue our journey through the Mists. Our current 25man progression is 12/14 H and 14/14H in 10 man. Our goal is to make significant hard-mode progression in each tier before the next tier is released. If you'd like to check us out, you can find our website and application at amwow.net. You can also hit us up in-game (Battletag: Kier#1751, Exia#1107 or KermitDaFrog#1283). Good luck in your guild search!
    Recruitment Needs:

    These change frequently, so PLEASE check back often...

    High = Actively recruiting that class / spec
    Medium = Actively recruiting, however, only looking for key individuals
    Low = Not actively recruiting, but open to highly skilled / geared raiders

    High - Paladin : Prot
    Low - Druid : Guardian
    Low - Death Knight : Blood
    Low - Warrior : Prot
    High - Monk Brewmaster

    High - Paladin : Holy
    Medium - Priest : Disc
    Medium - Priest : Holy
    High - Monk Mistweaver
    Low - Druid : Resto
    High - Shaman : Resto

    Medium - Priest : Shadow
    Medium - Mage
    High - Warlock
    High - Druid : Balance
    Medium - Shaman : Elemental

    High - Druid : Feral
    Medium - Rogue
    Medium - Warrior : DPS
    High - Hunter
    Medium - Paladin : Ret
    Medium- Shaman : Enhancement
    Low - Death Knight : DPS
    High - Monk : Windwalker

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    Looking for some more morning raiders

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    Still looking for more - Forums are www.amwow.net

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