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    where is fallout 1 and 2 i mean come on, watching that vault roll back for the first time. hell even the 2 new ones are pretty sweet.where is any might and magic/M&M heroes, or C&C game (NOT C&C4...i don't consider that a real game, let alone a C&C game). half life and its countless spin offs (Day of defeat [which i just bought on source/steam woot!]blue shift, TFC, CS etc)
    BTW, Oregon Trail...come on...pretty fun game givin its limitations for the time, there is even an android app! though im not sure how it stacks up to the original.
    props to Grim Fandango...that game was pretty fun

    also. if your gonna put Myth on at the bottom. why wouldn't you just put the total codex..the whole story is actually pretty fun and challenging
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    That's a list of the a 100 games as preferred by their viewers, wouldn't say "world's best", but happy to see Dune 2 on there as well as Wing Commander.

    It appears to be a good list, however, but "most influential" might be a better word.

    I agree that Windows Solitaire should be on there. One of the most popular games played in a corporate environment.

    The list is filled with a lot of nostalgia, so yeah - quite interesting.
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    Cannot fathom why Half-Life is not even on that list, easily top 3 of all time

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    No ocarina of time? pff

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    Complete fail list, definitely not done by avid/knowledgable gamers.

    Solitaire and Angry Birds ? Not saying which Legend of Zelda game they mean (I assume Ocarina of Time).

    Worst offender of all (not counting excluded games, since there are too many amazing ones):

    Mass Effect 3 as 10th best game of all time !

    Are you friggin' kidding me ?

    It shouldn't even be in the top 100, let alone above the original Mass effect (which could net a low top 100 place in my list) !

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    Pong, 1st Super Mario Bros, Castlevania 1...

    Yea, those are memorable and enjoyable games, but certainly not the best ones to hit the list.

    There are much better titles for NES or similiar systems. Where is Ninja Gaiten, Castlevania IV or Afterburner?

    Seriously, play Castlevania 1 for a few minutes, then switch to IV, and ask yourself how did the 1st one even score the list.

    Same with Legend of Zelda. Why is the part one there, not A Link to the Past? Way superior. Seems somebody in nostalgic rage just wrote the names of popular franchises, without really playing any of the games.

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    Guys read it for a second, this was put together with a pull, people were asked yes or no on every game. This was voted on by people who visit CNN , most of which are not gamers. However the fact they think they can call this the 100 greatest games of all times blogs the mind and is very very dumb. It's just a news site wanting a bit extra traffic nothing new there

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    Just out of curiosity, does anyone around here think that pacman is the greatest game of all times ?
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    Pong? Are you kidding me? What a terrible hipster list.

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    Morrowind aint on the list? Aint even gonna bother. Carry on

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    Crap list is crap.
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    Saw the top 5 and instantly dismissed the list.

    Pong was not great. Neither was pacman.

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    I think all the hate for the list is a bit over the top. It's a list made by CNN/TIME viewers/readers. So what if it isn't what hardcore gamers want? It's not on a gaming site now is it? Many people would absolutely loathe the experience of playing most of the games mentioned in this thread, just because they enjoy short casual games and don't feel like spending more than a few minutes a day on them. Why would their opinion be worse than yours? Different people like different things and many seem to enjoy Pac-man. I can only pity humanity for that, but won't blame the list.

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    What's most popular isn't equal to what's best, which is basicly what this list shows. People voted for THEIR favourite games, there's WAY more people that has had access to Solitare and Pong than World of Warcraft or certain gameboy game series. Example, frozen pizza sells WAY more than fresh made pizza. By this polls logic that means the best pizza in the world is frozen and mass-produced. | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    Wanna know how I know this list is a load of crock?

    The Original Metroid is over Metroid Prime, and Super Metroid is not on the list at all.

    As much as I love the original for nostalgia's sake, it barely holds a candle to Prime, let alone Super.
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    Since there are so much discussion about the list and missing games I figured we should make our own list.

    I've added a site where people can add games and later rate them.

    More in this thread:

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    Saw the top 5 and instantly dismissed the list.

    Pong was not great. Neither was pacman.
    Considering it's a generational thing, Pong was the greatest thing ever back in the 70's, same goes for Pac Man.

    Congrats to the 8 fools who made the ignore list, your ignorance knows no bounds, bravo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TequilaFlavor View Post
    Not saying which Legend of Zelda game they mean (I assume Ocarina of Time).
    Based on the rest of their list, I'm going to assume they are talking about the original on NES, which is actually called "The Legend of Zelda".

    I said it in my comment the other day, but A Link to the Past is superior to the original in every way (graphics, control, story and emotional impact, music, etc). Most (generalization here) of the things we consider iconic about the Zela series, such as a lot of musical themes and weapons, come from A Link to the Past. I think a lot of people forget that. Having multiple ways to swing the sword, with the primary attack moving in an arc, comes from ALttP, stuff like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennadrel View Post
    Considering it's a generational thing, Pong was the greatest thing ever back in the 70's, same goes for Pac Man.
    So I guess we should assume the list was made by baby boomers.

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    Most games there are either well known or recent (which means the same thing, they're fresh on peoples mind).

    It doesn't really show how "great" they are or anything. I mean everyone knows pacman and solitaire and angry birds and such. Give it 10 years and the first two will still be there but games like angry birds and ME3 will probably be forgotten.
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