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    I hear they are getting a better and better living standard, with a growing economy.

    I know there climate, and from what I renember, are great. I dont recall them having crazy drought, earthquake etc aswell.

    I know they are still nothing close to North America in terms of standard of living, corruption, violence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knight Gil View Post
    Well, what do you know about Liechtenstein?
    It's very small and located between Switzerland and Austria? Don't know the language though, but I guess it's German based on the name of the country and its location. Now what was your point again? And comparing Liechtenstein with Brazil? Really?

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    It's the only Portuguese speaking country in America. It's pretty big, it's evil when it comes to deforestation.

    It saddens me to see such videos, people are so dumb everywhere it's scary. Brazil is freaking big and pretty important, I think anybody actually wondering whether it's in South America, or saying it's small, deem completely worthy of being called dumb and ignorant. Such people should not be able to vote or anything.

    Well, what do you know about Liechtenstein?
    It's an German-speaking county, capital is Vadus. That's pretty much all I know about it, but you can't compare the two at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obao98 View Post
    A friend of mine showed me this video today. How ridiculous is this? And these people actually go to university? Seriously, I can't believe there are this many dumb people living.

    So what do you know (or don't) about Brazil?
    Off the top of my head, I thought the capital of Brazil was Sao Paulo. I'm not going to bother flaunting my education credentials, but let's suffice to say that they are fairly substantial. This video doesn't prove that people are "dumb", it proves that Brazil isn't quite significant enough yet for the average person to bother caring.

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    i know that a lot of brazilian women have great asses and tan lines and i'd like to fuck them

    other than that, there is no reason for most to know anything about brazil right now. knowing what you need to know for everyday life is better than knowing bullshit trivia

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    I know that the economic difference between the north and south of Brazil is huge... Obviously :P
    I know that they have racial inequalities between black and whites.
    I know that circa 10-20 percent of the citizens of Rio de Janeiro live in the shanty housing district.
    I know that there is a large gap between rich and poor especially in Multinational company strong cities such as Rio and Sao Paolo.

    The rest was already said.

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    They don't speak Spanish!
    I learned the hard way....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardstyler01 View Post
    It's very small and located between Switzerland and Austria? Don't know the language though, but I guess it's German based on the name of the country and its location. Now what was your point again? And comparing Liechtenstein with Brazil? Really?
    whats so weird about that ? comparisons are best made when there are differences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akamurdoch View Post
    whats so weird about that ? comparisons are best made when there are differences.
    Yeah but there is a huge difference between Brazil on Liechtenstein. It's like taking blue and then complaining when people that have always lived with only red colors don't know about it

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    I know that their flag is yellow/green and that they speak Portuguese, and that they used to have a good football team.
    Don't know much else about it really.
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    I know...

    - they spell it with an "s"
    - the best fighter in the world grew up there in the wild by eating eels and covering his body with algae giving him electricity and green skin
    - some of the best race car drivers are from there
    - they are quite fond on futbol/soccer
    - they like teh buttsecks
    - cities are as sexy as they are slum'ish
    - there used to be rain forests there, or so I heard
    - no one wears pants in Brazil, only thongs
    - the hulk lived there for awhile
    - In his spare time, Senna used to fly model airplanes in his backyard
    - brazilians are lonely people because no one else speaks portuguese

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    Hold back for 2 seconds, then front, and punch. Blanka rolls.
    Tap weak punch rappidly... he goes nuts with eletricity.

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    Sadly, not much. I can somewhat understand some Portuguese, they are usually pretty chill, and are antagonized waaay too much on anglosaxon servers.
    They like soccer just about as much as every other country in the area, seem to like Saint Seiya a lot. Hottest carnival on the earth.
    We share the Amazonas, and the Amazon River.
    South Brazil thinks they are the shit.
    Oh, and a blooming economy, I think stronger than UK at the moment.
    Oh god, that girl with the tick accent. I would do things to her. Cute things.

    Why is everybody so unaware?

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    Oh this is precious.
    Guess I shouldn't add anything since the question wasn't directed to people who actually live in Brazil.

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    Good football team. Lots of slum.

    What do you know about Denmark?

    This is so useful.

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    Boobies and booty!!

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    Nothing that convinces me it's important to know more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    Are we being silly, or did I actually misspell it?

    Oh nevermind, I did. Surprise ה! How'd that get in there?
    Quick cover your ass and say it's dialect!
    That fabric softener teddy bear...oooh I'm 'a hunt that little bitch down.

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    Romario and Ronaldo, football best duo world have ever seen. Remember the 1997!

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    I know they speak Portugese (had a Brazilian girlfriend once, got my ass handed to me after speaking Spanish to her family lol) and that they're hosting the FIFA world cup

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