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    Which storyline first?

    Which ones were your favorites and what would you recommend? I've read that each class has a different storyline, and that they vary quite a bit.

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    The stories in order from best to worst are:

    1. Imperial Agent
    2. Jedi Knight
    3. Sith Warrior
    4. Smuggler
    5. Republic Trooper
    6. Bounty Hunter
    7. Jedi Consular
    8. Sith Inquisitor

    They are all very enjoyable, but the top three are far and away superior to the rest. And the bottom three are far worse than the rest.
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    Liked Inquisitor quite a bit.

    1, Imperial Agent
    2. Bounty Hunter
    3. Inquisitor
    4. Sith Warrior

    Was too bored to do Trooper and Smuggler past act 1. Those 2 are tied for worst stories in my book. Can not stand the Jedi stories.

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    4.Smuggler (number one if you are looking for a more rogue/funny story)
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    Sith Inq: Sith Lord rise to power (more akin to what palpatine would do)
    Sith Warrior: Sith lord rise to power (more like vader)
    Agent: Star Wars James Bond (with gratuitous one night stands in basically every space port) (also OMG Serah Hawke voice)
    bounty Hunter: Who cares it's Spike from cowboy bebop for you voice!!!

    Jedi Con: Star Wars Wookiepedia (omg solid snake)
    Jedi Knight: KOTOR 3
    Smuggler: Dude where's my ship. With Atton Rand
    trooper: you're commander shepherd... and if femlae, voiced by commander shepherd.

    Personally love the Agent and smuggler. They get the best random jokes (and a fling in every spaceport)
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    Quote Originally Posted by iceberg265 View Post
    The stories in order from best to worst are:

    1. Imperial Agent
    2. Jedi Knight
    3. Sith Warrior
    4. Smuggler
    5. Republic Trooper
    6. Bounty Hunter
    7. Jedi Consular
    8. Sith Inquisitor

    They are all very enjoyable, but the top three are far and away superior to the rest. And the bottom three are far worse than the rest.
    played Inquisitor and Bounty Hunter story twice, I think they are not as bad and the only reason why Sith Warrior would be better is because you get a kick ass companion which you can play such a dark side, i'm sure some sith lords would crumble before it.

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    The trooper story for me was so incredibly well done. I just love the class and the story.

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    Sith Inq was my favorite, followed by sith warrior then imp agent

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    1) IA
    2) JK
    3) SI
    4) SW
    5) Smuggie
    6) JC
    7) Trooper
    8) BH

    Even if I put it in last place I still found quite a few things to enjoy about the BH storyline.
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    1. JK
    2. Smuggler
    3. SW
    4. IA
    5. BH
    6. IA
    7. Trooper
    8. JC

    The Smuggler isn't for everyone, but I love being a scoundrel.

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    I have done 4.5 of the stories, and will only rank the ones that I have done:

    Trooper (through act I)

    Yes, I know I am a filthy casual for only completing these so far.

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    Although Imperial Agent is arguable the top storyline, you should do the Jedi Knight story first. As far as a first playthrough, I personally feel the JK perspective sets the stage for all the other storylines. Plus its the only other storyline I would say could be argued as the best.

    Aside from that, the Sith Warrior also had one of the best stories and was the only one where the final boss had a presence with the protagonist the entire game.

    Also, BH was by far the worst story IMHO. Even Jedi Consular (which typically gets the most grief) was a lot more entertaining and engrossing than the Hunter's.

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    The BH was my first storyline so maybe thats why its rated higher than others, but I enjoyed it more than the Trooper which was a real Snooze. JC was cool if not only for the interaction at some point with key KOTOR 1 Character. Also so far I hate the smuggler story more than the Trooper one at this point.

    1. IA
    2. SW
    3. BH
    4. SI
    5. JC
    6. Trooper
    7. Smuggler*
    8. JK**

    * Partial Completion (Level 25)
    ** Havent Played

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    Sith Inquisitor was top for me - then Jedi Knight - but thats probably due to me being Evil

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    These are the ones I got to level 50 so far (from best to worst):
    1. Sith Warrior (3rd character) - solid story, which allows you to do something that even Sith Inquisitor fails at. Converting a Jedi to the dark side. Something Sith Inquisitor is all about. *shrug*. Played it as Pure Blood which added to the fun.
    2. BH (2nd character) - played it as neutral money-whore. Lot's of fun with "targets" and "clients".
    3. Sith Inquisitor (4th character) - interesting story that is ruined by inability to turn Ashara to the dark side. You are supposed to be able to do it in your sleep - but no, you can't. Sith Warrior, that brute, can, you, the intellectual, no.
    4. Agent (5th character) - good James Bond story. Nothing special.
    5. Jedi Consular (1st character) - blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah story, blah, blah, blah, lore, blah, blah, blah, find artifact, blah, blah, another artifact, blah, blah. No twists, 'cept in the end.

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    Top 3 for me would be IA, SW and JK. Of those I'd say IA was the best but that might be because it's the only one I played as a female character and the voice actress really enhance the story for that one but I'm looking forwards to play through the story again as male(Yes I'll eventually play through each story atleast 2 times to experience both genders).

    After that I'd say SI, JC and Trooper. The only reason SI isn't as good as the top 3 is that since you can't turn Ashara to the dark side it feels like BW is trying to froce you to be a light side Sith.

    Didn't really like BH and never got past act 1 with smuggler.

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    BH by far! Tried SI and JC and found both painfully boring. I love Mako's back story and the end of Na Shaadar actually made me sad ! I wanted to save him waaaa

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