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    [A] KonKi 10 man 11/16hc - Bronze Dragonflight EU

    Who are we ?
    KonKi, former known as Prophecy, is a 10 man hardcore Raiding-Guild that was created during late cataclysm, looking to push and be among the top ranked guilds when it comes to pve progression. We are currently located on Bronze Dragonflight EU - Alliance side!
    The majority of our raiders are swedish, but we got a couple of brits as well. However, we are an international guild and use English to communicate during our raids.

    Previous accomplishments:
    -EU first 10 man sinestra kill that we achieved during T11 as "Prophecy- jaedenar Eu". All 10 players, as well as the other people that participated in the progression , who achieved the kill left and are now in "KonKi".

    We are currently shaping our roster to fit our goal and vision, and are always on the lookout for improvements.

    Terms and conditions:

    -Beeing 18+ (some exceptions can be made) and having 100% control over your own life.

    -Close to 100% attendancy, during progression we aim to raid almost every day. Certain days with early mornings and late nights.
    We got a flexible schedule, but the standard times are 18:00-00:00 every day , fridays and saturdays beeing offdays. unless we really have to push to earn a certain rank. During farm raids, we try to clear everything as quick as possible to give everyone time to recharge, so that people are "rested" for the upcoming content.

    -Having at least 1 raid ready alt, as well as having 100% knowledge of them. You should be able to play all the different speccs to the max, always be updated and regularly check on how to improve your playstyle, performance and such.

    -Beeing mature, in the sense that you do not flame or start silly arguements openly in gchat/raidchat. Any problem should be directed to an officer.

    -24 hours notice, if you can't make it to a raid due to something unavoidable. Altho, continuously slowing down raids or not showing up will lead to a gkick or replacement.

    -Working Microphone and not afraid to use it! Key to success in a 10 man guild is communication!

    -The required skill cap to actually progress in a good pace.
    We try to be very strict when it comes down to performance, but we are a bunch of funny and cool guys who try to enjoy the most of this game at a competetive level. Jokes usually get thrown around during raids, when it comes down to farm bosses or trash, but we want focus during progression to avoid silly mistakes and the mood to drop.

    -No bitching about loot. We use a loot council (officers), and distribute the loot with the guild's best in mind. Loot is merely a tool to help us with the progression.

    If you agree to the above and feel that this is the guild for you, feel free to make an application at -> http://konki.enjin.com/recruitment

    Currently looking for:
    Shadow priest

    But we are always considering exceptional applicants, so don't be afraid to apply if we currently are not specificly recruiting your class/role!

    If you got any questions , feel free to PM me here or any of our officers in game (Nowish, Genesiz, Readme or Stalv)

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    Nowish <Envy> HC stream -> http://sv.twitch.tv/viss3

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