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    Quote Originally Posted by botulox View Post
    Marshmallow pony

    Probably pineapple candy with creamy filling. Hard candy, with soft flavour.
    Yeah... you do that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waifu View Post
    It would be a a candybar filled with caramell and small chunks of brownie
    I'd call it Morena Wich is my first full name!
    and i'd give it a lame slogan like Morena you just want More!!!! <-- pun
    The part where you pointed out your horrible pun was a pun just in case no one noticed killed me. I laughed very hard 10/10 would buy your candies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    The Dars Bar - 80 - 90% dark chocolate covering with white chocolate and peanut butter on the inside
    Sounds like a Sha Bar.
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    There is no location, only Zuul
    There are no candy bars, only Zuul.

    It would taste, smell, and look like the first thing you imagine.

    (don't think of poop, don't think of poop)
    There are no bathrooms, only Zuul.

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    Coconut filling but less sweet than Bounty.

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    Cream of Marine

    A hard chocolate exterior, with a creamy caramel center. OOH RAH!

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    "the sac" doesnt matter its chololate and nuts the rest doest matter.
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    Crunchy peanut butter mixed with caramel and dried pomegranates dipped in dark chocolate.

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    "Belgians Ate Candy On Normandy"-Bar, also known as the B.A.C.O.N. bar.

    A thick bar of wild hog bacon, wrapped in suckling bacon strips, covered in bacon-flavored chocolate with shredded bacon all around, seasoned with bacon salt. comes with a bacon flavored cheese to dip it in.
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    Markluzz's Bamboo Sticks.

    Crunchy bit on the outside, and yummy chocolate inside the long stick.

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    Just the 'Dyra Bar'

    It would be a praline layer topped with raisins and crunchy pieces (rice krispie type pieces) covered in chocolate.


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    First tastes like any normal candy, until you discover it's filled with hot tabasco chili sauce.
    All I would ever want and need is a hug.

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    It would be called ridish's Punch in the throat.

    It would be a dark chocolate bar with a hot chili filling.

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    Elyaan's Ridiculously Mmmm And Gorgeous Heavenly Edible Random Delight.

    Simplified to E.R.M.A.G.H.E.R.D.

    An amalgamation of marshmallow, praline, and bubbly white chocolate, completely covered with a thick shell of dark/milk chocolate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wasselina View Post

    First tastes like any normal candy, until you discover it's filled with hot tabasco chili sauce.
    Why would you put hot sauce of any kind in a candy bar? That's just evil.

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    The name would be irrelevant, because it would be eaten

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