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    Is the Fable: Anniversary PC Port worth it with a 60% coupon after all the patches?

    I got a 60% off coupon for Fable: Anniversary on Steam. I remember from Totalbiscuits port report that it was a bad PC port, with no mouse control in the menus and little to no optimization.

    I noticed, however, that the game has had several patches since the release, and according to some reviews, many of the problems have been fixed by now.

    What is the state of the game currently, and is it worth it with a 60% coupon?
    Because of the high frequency of negativity and overall "my class/race/faction sucks" (both for IRL and ingame issues) across all boards, I have reverted to primarily lurking and only posting when I need help. I'm hoping this can be fixed, but if I don't do this, I will likely end up depressed and disgusted with humanity as a whole.

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    I think everyone got the coupon... Atleast I did. Honestly I can't tell you about the game, but since I bought a gamepad I haven't worried about bad ports at all.

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    Even with the 60% coupon, it is still cheaper to just buy TLC, so I would so no, not worth it.

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    I own it and I find it really fun. They fixed almost all the issues and it runs pretty well, at least for me. Although I enjoy Totalbiscuits videos, I think his video criticized the game too harshly. Basically if you want to play Fable with updated graphics and a gamepad this is a game you will probably enjoy.

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