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    You'r favorite e-sport?

    What competitive game, or genre, do you like to watch the most?

    I never play and completely suck at fighting games. However Street fighter is probably one of the most fun games to watch at the highest level for me.

    Starcraft is probably a close second.

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    Sc2 is by far my most watched. Screw everything else. I don't watch it.

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    Starcraft 2.

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    WoW 3's is really the only one I follow, at all. And even then, I don't even know who the pros are, let alone who won Blizzcon 2014.
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    I don't play Sc2 but I find it incredibly fun to watch. Well, the massive tournaments at Blizzcon, atleast.

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    RTS like Starcraft 2, Fighting Games like Street Fighter, and PC oriented shooters like Quake or Counter-strike.

    I don't really like dota-style games all that much.

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    Starcraft by far.

    But this website doesn't have anyone interested in Starcraft supposedly hence the Blizzcon news wasn't posted. For any who missed it but like watching - there's a new expansion coming out. And it looks good so far, even though it's quite early on.
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    Dota 2 > Streetfighter > SC2 > any other fighting game
    PvP in MMORPGS and Shooter are incredible boring to watch imo. (not to play, though)

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    Dota 2

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    SC2, but I also really enjoy watching Heroes of the Swarm. Errr Storm.

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    Not sure it can be counted as an e-sport, but I love watching speed runs. Doom 2: Hell on Earth speed running, for example, is almost a science today, millions old school players have contributed to the general "perfect" speed run plan, and even to complete the game as fast as 150% of the world record time, you need to practice for years.

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    Starcraft 2.
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    Starcraft 2 > Dota 2

    Even though i play league of legends with my friends allot more than i play dota 2 or starcraft 2 alone. I just don't find the game to be that interesting at pro level, the utter lack champion diversity is a major flaw with the game. In Dota 2, each and every hero has to be played and handled differently. The game is also larger, and it has scrolls of teleport which forces teams to carefully consider the movement of it's heroes.
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    Quake>CS> Any fighting game> WoW/Dota.
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    Smash bros
    Project M > Melee > 4, but all are a great watch for me. Project M is the only one I can win locals with though, so I favor watching that one.

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    LoL and Smash Bros. Not a fan of waiting long for action to happen.

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    Dota 2 is the only one I barely follow, so that.
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    LoL (Diamond 5 currently in it) and Melee, I also compete in locals for Melee... I just want to be top 10 in my state but I have awhile to go for that I think but who knows, there aren't many Jiggs players in my state so the matchup might favor me more so the climb probably won't be as hard. Serious talk though, Ganondorf.
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    Used to be SC2, now I don't watch any esports anymore.
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    Computer games aren't sports. No matter how much you people try to label them as one.

    OT: In terms of competitive computer games, I follow a little of Dota 2 and LoL. I don't follow either through the year, I only watch the last week or two leading to the Grand Final.
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