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    Battlefield reveal 6th May.

    Any Battlefield players here? I play them more religiously than I do Warcraft.

    Tomorrow is the reveal for the 2016 chapter of the franchise, many people are speculating it to be either 2143 (after the maps, themes and DLC in BF4) or 1944 (which I personally would love.

    Seeing what the new frostbite engine is capable of in Battlefront, I'm so excited to see what they can do for a Battlefield game.

    Anyone have any thoughts on what the next theme and era could be?
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    Hope it's a WW2 game. The market's missing a decent WW2 shooter at the moment.

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    how about bad company 3?
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    if its in space to counter cod id be sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanksin the enhance shamy View Post
    if its in space to counter cod id be sad
    I cant really see them doing this, because TitanFall 2 will be coming out around the same time. Why would a company create 2 sequels for 2 different games only to compete with the same playerbase?

    My hope is Modern warfare style or WW1, WW2, Cold War (black ops style), or Vietnam war. Even early 2000's Iraq / desert storm style would be interesting.

    Fuck futuristic stuff tho, imo
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargulf View Post
    how about bad company 3?
    I'd kinda like this. I put a lot of time into Bad Company 2.

    2143 would be cool too.
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    How about something really crazy: Battlefield: Medieval Combat.
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    PC remake of 1942 would be nice. 1943 is fun but it's console only
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    Please be like 1942. That multiplayer was so awesome.
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    Because it is a good expansion, and it's no different to any other expansion in terms of quality. Yeh, I said it, cos it's true.(WoD)
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    Now tell me what is the ratio of DPS to healers? 1:18 right? I pulled these numbers out of my ass, but they’re probably very accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DenniZ View Post
    Please be like 1942. That multiplayer was so awesome.
    The interesting thing is that the guy in that teaser footage appears to have a World War 2 style alliance heavy jacket on. Also, they name it as "Battlefield", no numerical notation, which implies they're going back to Battlefield 1 aka 1942.

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    I hope for WW1/2, modern day and future is so overdone nowadays.

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    I've had so much fun in all the battlefield games. I'm probably going to be ok with whatever they come up with.

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    New "Battlefield 1" confirmed to be World War 1 themed.

    Picture leaked. The Harlem Hellfire regiment was an all-black battery during World War 1, and the character is holding a trench club which was popular in WW1 as well.

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    I think we desperately need another world war or two.
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    Edit: didn't see the other image, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    I think we desperately need another world war or two.
    I agree. We need a petition to start WWIII so we can have more FPS content.

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    We knew the new Battlefield was going to be WWI like months ago. How is this news?
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    Hellfighters, btw:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    We knew the new Battlefield was going to be WWI like months ago. How is this news?
    Because those were just rumors.

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