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    I would want to get a nice truck and trailer for my racing hobby....driving the car to the track and back home over the weekend makes it a lot more interesting, until you break an axle or blow the engine.

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    Anime figurines, artworks, so on. >.>

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    When I moved out I was forced to give up archery and had to sell my bow. If I had the cash, I would pick it back up in a heartbeat.
    Although to be fair I don't think I really have the time for it these days anyway.
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    Going on cruises with my family and vacationing/eating out at fancy places (This is all assuming I am married maybe with kids).

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    Collecting ancient art

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    WoW and adventure sports

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    collecting musical instruments from the most awesome guitars from esp, fender, jackson and gibson to name ones. to a steinway grand to ancient instruments

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    Collecting RV's and modifying them.

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    Cosplay.. I already do cosplay, but if i had the cash i would make many more and much more dificult ones.. with like armor and stuff :3

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    Comics and all kinds of medieval/chinese/japanese armor (Including weapons) mostly... Also, something like a Where the Hell is Matt adventure would be very very pleasant

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    I would buy guns. LOADS of them. FPSRUSSIA style. and shoot things with them.

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    Swords. I have a small collection, but it isn't cheap. I would love an authentic antique Nihonto (hand crafted Japanese sword, using Japanese techniques, forged in Japan, using only Japanese materials) but those can run tens of thousands of dollars
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    Hookers 'n Blow.

    Seriously, I'd like to skydive regularly, but to get to the point where you don't have a guy strapped to you using the parachute himself takes like all the money.
    Call to arms, the trumpets sound
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    I wouldn't mind collecting every single possible object out there relating to the Lord of the Rings and Tolkien's other works.

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    Surprised i havent seen Hookers and Blow... thats the american dream is it not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worer View Post
    Weapons, that's for sure! I'd collect weapons. Or just buy them and play with them!
    Define weapons, I have quite a collection of knifes, from swords to blades concealed in a belt buckle, and I haven't spent more than 250~ across 2 years

    For me it would be plastic models such as lotr


    Horse riding

    probably horse riding as I have a cute friend there

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    Hot-air ballooning for sure. Every time its a nice still sunny day i want to be up there (although its pretty cold and noisy tbh)
    Or for really expensive id go for zepplining (?) in a helium balloon or hydrogen, surley its got safer since the hindenburg almost 100 years ago

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    I'd find something to collect. Not sure though.
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    World photography, ie travelling the world with the objective of photographing something amazing.
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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