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    Any Blood DK PVP Guides out there?

    I searched google and this board but could only find guides up to 4.3.0

    Anyone has a newer link, our can tell me which secondary stat to go? I would say mastery is pretty much useless - Haste because of refreshing?

    I'm playing mostly flagcarrier, deffer.

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    If you absolutely insist on PvPing as Blood, yes Haste is your dps friend, while Mastery is your survival friend.
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    There are no blood pvp guides because blood is not a pvp spec: ok it's a good FC spec but there are other classes that do it way better.

    But if you really want to play it I'd suggest you to go for mastery and stamina. Back in Cata I played blood aswell in pvp because I'm not really a pvp-hero so I just played whatever I felt like to play but now I'm trying frost 2h and I assure you it's 1000 times better.
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