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    Rift PvP: Can someone explain the Favor mechanic?

    I've been trying to figure out how Favor is awarded in PvP, but have come up short. Some looking around on the web has not been much help. This is either due to no one knowing or (more likely) because Rift doesn't have as many pages dedicated to, let alone the PvP portion of it.

    I am curious into the mechanics because I had a match tonight where a player earned 6k Favor at the end to my 1200. This puzzled me because it happened to be one of the few matches I won, and one where I stayed alive the majority of the time and was non-stop healing (Chloromancer). I even managed to snag the Sourcestone and run it back to the base (Whitefall map). So the Favor discrepancy had me scratching my head. Can anyone help clarify?

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    Some folks have pots that give 100% more favor, prestige, and exp (from being a veteran subscriber) and thus will get more that way. It also matters on kills/killing blows.
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