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    If you don't have adhd then you lose!

    Anyone else use energy supplements in the pvp? If so what kind? I use VPX meltdown when I want to just steamroll "pro" players. I was using DMMA but that got made illegal. I will see players run up at me all like "I am going to kill you." And I am all like "But I am going to use all of my spells at exactly the right time." I feel like un-supplemented players just don't stand a chance.
    gw2 is a great game

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    Isn't it too late to be on crack right now?

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    Although I believe that We never killed osama and OBAMA just used it as propaganda to win a election cause Osama's was probably dead for years I Usually am not gullible.

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    Yeah crystal meth is pretty sweet

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    As Rick James once said, " Cocaine is a hell of a drug! "

    That said, I'm not sure anyone knows what you're talking about.
    I'm mean because you're stupid.

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    Love theese early morning-hangover-intoxicated topics.

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    I'm with the OP, I always crush up sudafed tablets and snort them with some air duster in a plastic bag as a followup before logging into video games. Makes me feel like a Japanese pilot even when I'm chilling in Lion's Arch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draykorinee View Post

    This is how I picture you when writing that message, only you think you make sense :P
    The OP is sooooo pitted.


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    Cute responses. I unfortunately don't see this thread going places, though
    Closed, for the obvious reasons --Kel
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