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    The membership is similar to XBL, and gives you additional features and services on PSN (which is has a decent free baseline service). Sony does offer up free games from time to time, I think Bioshock (or Bioshock 2) was the most recent giveaway they did for PS Plus members. It's not like, a standard thing, but it is somewhat common.

    And you do download them, but I don't know if they're permanently attached to your account or not. I would imagine they are, but I've never been a PS Plus subscriber so couldn't say for certain.
    The free games are monthly. They always offer up to 10 at a time. Once you download a game, it's always attached to your account whether they swap it out for a new game or not. When you sub is locked, your access to the games is frozen until you resub.

    PS+ also gives you very nice discounts and automatic cloud saves and game updates. I forgot that PS+ are usually invited to betas.

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    Okay, I didn't want to make a new thread for this, and I feel like an idiot asking but I need help.

    So I got the PS3 today in the mail and I've been setting it up, making sure it's ready to be played instantly on Christmas. As I said previously, I ordered this bundle which came with 3 games. Again I feel like an idiot, but I can't figure out how to get to those 3 games. I'm starting to worry that it's a problem with my country (the Philippines), but I hope that that's just me looking in the wrong places, because when I tried to log into the Playstation Plus thing, it said "Network Unavailable" every time (I connected to the wireless internet already). So I googled, looking to see if this was a problem for anyone else and I saw that some guy in Kuwait had this problem because it wasn't allowed from his country or something.

    Am I doing something wrong or can I really not use the Playstation Plus?

    Edit: Nevermind, ignore what I said, I was being an idiot.

    I made an account and I got past the "Network Unavailable" stage. Then I realized there was a card in the box that gave me a promotional code to access my 1 year membership. Now I'm trying to figure out where I put this code.

    Edit again:

    I found where to put the code, now I have my 1 year membership, but I can't find where to get my 3 games.

    Edit again again:

    So I went to the Playstation Plus tab in the PSN store, then I looked at free games and I found the 3 games that I was supposed to get for free, but there are like 10 other games that are free too. Now I'm confused -- these aren't demos, right? These are all free games? And I get to download all of them? I thought I was only supposed to get 3, but there are several here.

    Last Edit:

    I'm fine now, I figured it out. Thanks for everyone's help
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    Well that was interesting ^

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