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    Quote Originally Posted by slime View Post
    Great resource - I'll be back here later tonight - if you catch my drift.

    Anyhow to add something to Acquiesce's post- unlike original Rift the Rare (blue) fish mentioned are used in crafting now - before they were only good for rep, so careful blindly turning these fish in - you most likely need them for stuff
    The rep fish were used for rep and in recipes prior to Storm Legion as well. I would suggest using the rep fish for rep turn-ins first especially since you should be revered in Eternal and Caretakers from questing/carnage alone. It's about ~720 fish to go from 0 -> 60,000 to hit Glorified. That way once you finish up either rep, you can stockpile the rare fish for recipes (which to be honest are just the feasts and tanking consumables unless there are dimension items but I don't care about those :P).

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    Ah cool I didnt know that - came waay late into Rift. I always found it weird that the rarest fish (blues) were only used for rep... lol - makes more sense to know they were used for recipes too at some point.

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    I just wanted to add,

    while this isn't technically a level 60 feature, those of you that liked the PvP gear from the old world can visit the PvP costume dealers in sanctum or meridien and buy any PvP outfit from the past (Plate, Leather, Chain and Cloth), these can be purchased by any class. I don't know if many people picked up on this, but the options to make your character look bad-ass are quite mouth watering.
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    Nice post, thanks for sharing.
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    Added the following info to the Infinity Stone Section:

    The exception to this rule may be the weapons. If you upgrade the weapon it has a set bonus. The other weapon that goes with it is a drop from the final boss in an Expert Dungeon. The only one I know about for certain is the Necroscalpel that I believe I got from Archive of Flesh. A lot of this gear, when upgraded, also has set bonuses activiate by the Synergy Crystals. You can mix and match this with the gear from the Expert Vendor, and may be worthwhile if you cannot run Experts with regularity and have the time to farm Infinity Stones more than hitting your 7 Experts.

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    The new chronicle is very nice if you just hit level 60. You get 1 blue item and 1 green item both for your calling, every run (resets every day) which are upgradable with items that are random drops in the chronicle. All the stuff is much better then questing gear, and the chronicle is not hard at all even if you just hit level 60. You also get 1 infinity stone or 1 expert dungeon mark for completing it, so you can earn some expert dungeon marks before you have enough gear to start doing those.

    Also with the christmas event now you can buy a helm from the event vendor which also seems like a nice starter item, it's 650 snowflakes to buy and another 1000 snowflakes to upgrade.
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    Im getting close to capping on planarite from GH rifts. Anyone else in the same situation? Whats everyone spending theirs on?
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    More Great Hunt Rift Lures. Or, if you want to make some money, DRR Lure then run an Auction DRR. Some BiS Lessers still go for over 1k. DRR Lures are 60k planarite, so over half the cap, buying those should keep your planarite low, even if you just save them for your guild or open roll runs.

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    They take 30 Infinity Stones too though right? I'm still trying to save those to max my 2h Staff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trialtm View Post
    They take 30 Infinity Stones too though right? I'm still trying to save those to max my 2h Staff.
    Yes, they do, but you get 10 back for completing the DRR quest, another 10(?) for doing the Daily Great Hunt and then one Zone Event and you've earned those 30 back. As far as I know, those are your choices, "waste" the IS or "waste" the planarite that you would have gained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lathais View Post
    It's back. I found the most up to date version I had posted in a guild forum I was in. Enjoy.
    I actually tore this guide apart and totally rewrote it for free to play and 2.3 about a week ago, the database it is on is down at the moment however, I'll send you a link =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seatin View Post
    I actually tore this guide apart and totally rewrote it for free to play and 2.3 about a week ago, the database it is on is down at the moment however, I'll send you a link =)
    Nice. I actually had a few requests for it so figured I'd put it back though. One here on the forums and a few from /tells in game once I started playing again. Amazing how people I don't even know were sending me tells asking me what happened to it.

    On the other side of that though, I am not really motivated to update it as I am no longer really playing my main. Just leveling alts out of boredom, so a fully updated version is great, and since you helped provide a lot of the information in it, it's basically half yours anyway.

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