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    Help with feedback using Teamspeak (don't have it using Ventrilo)

    Hiya, my new guild has a Teamspeak server and a Ventrilo server, I'm used to using ventrilo and have no feedback using a logitech cam as a mic. However when testing audio on Teamspeak I have a crazy amount of feedback and mic squeal and can't find how to fix it yet, does anybody have an idea which settings or other tweaks can help me out? I reckon if Vent doesn't have any problems with the mic Teamspeak shouldn't either? I'm using push-to-talk for both programs. Thanks in advance.

    What i've tried already:
    mic boost is off
    in playback speaker options, mic is muted on levels tab
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    Options --> Capture --> Capture Device --> set the microphone instead of the default device
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    Thanks but it didn't help, same effect. Any other ideas?

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