Thread: Dear locks:

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    Dear locks:

    I hate you all

    Sincerely, a mad hunter

    Infracted for spam. ~xskarma
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    Great thread!


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    Please just report the thread and move on.

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    Dear hunter, you obviously dont know how to use a one button macro correctly, please learn how to play.

    Sincerely, a warlock.
    Thunder. Thunder. Thunder cats gooooooooooo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyriok View Post
    Please just report the thread and move on.
    Report it for what? He did nothing at all but die to a warlock.
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    Accessibility, ownership, availability; these are all essentially the same thing.

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    I like cookies.

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    Yeah, let's not open up this can of worms. Closed for obviously leading to class flame wars.
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