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    Unforgotten Quest! Rurikar22's new game!

    Rurikar22 the maker of the Unforgotten realms and wow movies such as Pepitoz: The World of Warcraft Story, is about to release a new Co-op RPG!
    Alot of info can be found: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...orgotten-quest

    Shortly: The game is based on Robs web-series "Unforgotten Realms" (haven't seen it? "www.urealms.com" sorry for taking so many hours from your spare time ). He wants to make a game that focus on the fun factor, and ftm he is taking in a lot of ideas from the community.
    It looks fun, and the fact that you can make your own levels and quest, is just WOW! I can also see this being a great lanparty game!

    My only problem is that it will not be out right NOW!

    More info about Rob and his game:

    This is not meant as a crazy advertising, i am just so pumped for it!

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    Were all pumped for it!

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    Please keep all kickstarter conversations and links in that thread. Thanks!
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