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    Where is this? (Link inside)

    Hello ladies.

    Can any tell me where this is?

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqBkU...ature=youtu.be at 3:16

    looks like a warrior/paladin in a whirlwind with a warlock + shaman is is nuking/doing somthing else..

    dosent look like a dugeon to me, more like a raid.. but not sure tho..

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    That's a boss in a scenario.
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    Temple of the White Tiger. The big,main hall of the temple.

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    Arena of Annihilation (or something like that) - Scenario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atrophis View Post
    Temple of the White Tiger. The big,main hall of the temple.
    He is referring to the clip after that one, which i don't know.

    It looks like a Saurok doing a bladestorm.
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    It's one of the 3 random bosses at the end of Arena of Annihilation. He has a really cool 'flood the room' animation.

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    aah thank you for the comments helped abit :P

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