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    Mouseover addon that shows only your HoTs?

    I'm regularly heal LFRs as a Mistweaver using Healbot and when there's another one present our HoTs are indistinguishable from one-another, if there's more than two of us it's a bit ridiculous, which causes a major issue with Uplift which will instant heal any target with your HoT already on them. This often leads to a few people having to wait on heals because neither Monk can tell which ones are theirs until they've already spent their Chi and have to specifically heal those individuals.

    What I'm asking, as the title states, is if there's a mouseover addon that will let me at least emphasize my HoTs the way the default UI will emphasize your own DoTs if not simply show only my own.
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    I haven't used healbot in awhile, but I'm fairly certain you can make it only show your stuff.

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    It's always after you ask someone else that you notice these things, huh? I went back and inspected the options one more time and finally found what is suppose to be it in the current version. Been looking for this off and on for a month.

    Skins->Icons->Bottom Sliders (Class) (Spell) (Show Icon: Never, Self Cast Only, My Class, Always)
    All classes to 100. Check.

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