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    What if you were given a choice...

    You complete a quest, and the quest giver says "Thanks for your help, please choose one of the following" [Tabbard ] - USE - Increase rep gains for the current MoP faction that is selected on your experiance bar for 4hrs] 24hr cooldown OR [ITEM ] - Upon reaching friendly with a faction this symbol shows your loyalty towards those around you making them more likely to seek your help in the future
    That way people get what they want. I like doing the daily quests so i would go that route, but those that like running dungeons for rep, can do so but not take advantage too too much. I mean 4hrs worth of dungeons is like 4-7 dungeons depending on how fast you go.. and to those saying "what if you get into a fail grp?" Well you could make it 4x 1hr charges or something that reset at midnight
    just my 2 cents

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    The reputation part i like but i hate dailies so yeah!
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