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    Quote Originally Posted by sith View Post
    I miss hard video games.
    Google is partly to blame for this.

    I miss hybrid specs, but mostly dual-wield prot warrior, all warrior specs being tankable, 2h Enhanced shamans, enhance tanking, and survival melee pvp.
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    I miss the people I played with in Ulduar in wotlk. I miss the people I raided MH/BT with in TBC and I miss some of the raiders from my vanilla guild aswell, lost contact with so many of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Playintrafic View Post
    I miss

    Divine Intervention
    that is all.

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    I miss Rogues no really I really do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    I also miss being able to disengage away from stuns.
    I bet you do, Hunter..............
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rizendragon View Post
    Cho has been the most epic character in WoW to date.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    Every modern Blizzard game has a forum on MMO-Champion. This is primarily a World of Warcraft and associated Blizzard games website and forum.
    ...Except for Starcraft II and Hearthstone.

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    I miss day-long AV.

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    I miss training pet abilities from BC and Vanilla hunters.

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    I miss eyes of the beast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strah View Post
    10/25 man separate raids, no heroic raids, attunements.
    This, and I miss Wrath of the Lich King so hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hmc View Post
    I miss 40 man raids.
    sha of anger, noob, noob, sha of anger, have you 2 met?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xami View Post
    I miss day-long AV.
    I miss week-long AV :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    I miss Seal of Blood.
    I miss oneshotting my paladin on Thaddius whenever I used Judgment of Blood. I miss how the raid leader complained that I took more damage than one of the tanks during the encounter.

    Edit: I also miss the time where legendary weapons were very rare drops. I can't stand the thought is a legendary being a weapon you spend exactly x amount of weeks weeks to collect. :<
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    I miss when Unholy DPS was fucking amazing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
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    I miss hybrids, I miss the fun, the feel of playing a paladin with aura's, hell, I even miss the regents...
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    Quote Originally Posted by galileoacosta View Post
    sha of anger, noob, noob, sha of anger, have you 2 met?
    I think that person is trying to say that they miss "Classic" WoW. Plus, Sha is nothing more than an outside Archavon.

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    I miss the times where people were playing games without faulting something all the time. Must've been in the early 90ies or so.

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    I miss out multitude of seals that only lasted 30 seconds and were used upon judgement. I still have my macros to cast seal, cast judgement, and recast seal. I thought I was so badass judging crusader to increase my damage and switching to righteousness. I hate we have only 4 seals now. On that note, I also miss bringing unique buffs like Sanctuary before everything got homogenized. As well as auras. You know what? I miss being a paladin!
    I also miss class quests like the paladin epic mount and the shaman totems.
    I miss the old school pvp rankings with an officer's lounge only the higher-ups were allowed to enter. I always said to myself while passing the portal, "One day, I'm gonna see what's inside of there for myself."
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    Cata Garrosh
    Quilvers being displayed
    Hunters beating everyone in dps by 15%

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4KhazModan View Post
    On that note, I also miss bringing unique buffs like Sanctuary before everything got homogenized.
    Ahh I also miss that. I miss when we had like six paladins in the raid, each providing GBo(something). Those were the days ^^

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    I miss my Wotlk warlock

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