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    Quote Originally Posted by sith View Post
    I miss hard video games.
    Google is partly to blame for this.

    I miss hybrid specs, but mostly dual-wield prot warrior, all warrior specs being tankable, 2h Enhanced shamans, enhance tanking, and survival melee pvp.
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    I miss the people I played with in Ulduar in wotlk. I miss the people I raided MH/BT with in TBC and I miss some of the raiders from my vanilla guild aswell, lost contact with so many of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Playintrafic View Post
    I miss

    Divine Intervention
    that is all.

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    I miss Rogues no really I really do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    I also miss being able to disengage away from stuns.
    I bet you do, Hunter..............
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rizendragon View Post
    Cho has been the most epic character in WoW to date.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    Every modern Blizzard game has a forum on MMO-Champion. This is primarily a World of Warcraft and associated Blizzard games website and forum.
    ...Except for Starcraft II and Hearthstone.

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    I miss day-long AV.

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    I miss training pet abilities from BC and Vanilla hunters.

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    I miss eyes of the beast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strah View Post
    10/25 man separate raids, no heroic raids, attunements.
    This, and I miss Wrath of the Lich King so hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hmc View Post
    I miss 40 man raids.
    sha of anger, noob, noob, sha of anger, have you 2 met?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xami View Post
    I miss day-long AV.
    I miss week-long AV :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    I miss Seal of Blood.
    I miss oneshotting my paladin on Thaddius whenever I used Judgment of Blood. I miss how the raid leader complained that I took more damage than one of the tanks during the encounter.

    Edit: I also miss the time where legendary weapons were very rare drops. I can't stand the thought is a legendary being a weapon you spend exactly x amount of weeks weeks to collect. :<
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    I miss when Unholy DPS was fucking amazing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    Mike Morhaine's definitely been using his body to sell copies of WoW.
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    I miss hybrids, I miss the fun, the feel of playing a paladin with aura's, hell, I even miss the regents...
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    Quote Originally Posted by galileoacosta View Post
    sha of anger, noob, noob, sha of anger, have you 2 met?
    I think that person is trying to say that they miss "Classic" WoW. Plus, Sha is nothing more than an outside Archavon.

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    I miss the times where people were playing games without faulting something all the time. Must've been in the early 90ies or so.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kayhos View Post
    every video game has gamey aspects to it

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    I miss out multitude of seals that only lasted 30 seconds and were used upon judgement. I still have my macros to cast seal, cast judgement, and recast seal. I thought I was so badass judging crusader to increase my damage and switching to righteousness. I hate we have only 4 seals now. On that note, I also miss bringing unique buffs like Sanctuary before everything got homogenized. As well as auras. You know what? I miss being a paladin!
    I also miss class quests like the paladin epic mount and the shaman totems.
    I miss the old school pvp rankings with an officer's lounge only the higher-ups were allowed to enter. I always said to myself while passing the portal, "One day, I'm gonna see what's inside of there for myself."
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    Cata Garrosh
    Quilvers being displayed
    Hunters beating everyone in dps by 15%

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4KhazModan View Post
    On that note, I also miss bringing unique buffs like Sanctuary before everything got homogenized.
    Ahh I also miss that. I miss when we had like six paladins in the raid, each providing GBo(something). Those were the days ^^

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    I miss my Wotlk warlock

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