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    I miss _________________.

    I noticed after MoP that I no longer receive my companion pet or mount via mail? Takes away the excitement of the reward. 8(

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    I dare you to ship a bear in an envelope.
    Your face when the Scoundrel is Gallagher.

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    i miss mana tap.

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    I miss 40 man raids.
    This is for you, the beta-less:

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    I miss wiping in 25man pugs for ages without half the group ragequitting before we perform the mechanics properly and succeed on killing them
    We stopped searching for monsters under our beds when we realized that they were inside us.

    Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

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    I miss my Bis geared rogue with legendaries that was fun to play seeing you got energy back 3x as fast as in MOP nowadays..... the boy that will forever be named the HHD wiper. R.I.P

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    I miss being ignorant of the pointless hatred in the community.

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    i miss Volley on my hunter. It looked so cool!

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    I miss hard video games.

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    Honestly? Incoming Flamewar, but I miss the H 5-man ZG from Cata. Yes, the last boss was hell with pugs, and the panther was annoying with a bad healer and dps who couldnt dodge the waves or AOE, but all in all there were a lot of fun and unique mechanics for a 5-man, and there was a lot of cool, extra stuff. Dodging the rolling rocks, navigating the poison mazes, going crazy with the cauldrons, and dealing with chaos from executes... it was just a really well done heroic, and the rewards made it worth doing at the time of release. I was really sad when everyone stopped doing troll heroics after 4.3 launched (WoE was good, but ET and HoT were boring to me). I could name a lot of older stuff going back to BC (there's quite a few BG and old instance related stuff), but the fun of ZG is speaking to me at the moment.

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    I miss cata dungeon difficulty like Darnash said. Currently the trash mobs aren't ANY danger AT ALL in MoP HCs.

    I also miss being able to disengage away from stuns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    I miss Seal of Blood.
    I don't, I kept killing myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    I miss cata dungeon difficulty like Darnash said. Currently the trash mobs aren't ANY danger AT ALL in MoP HCs.
    The horror of pugging Shado Pan Monastery disagrees with this. Otherwise, yeah, sleep easy.

    I miss the totem bar. If they'd kept the ability to put an offensive and defensive totem down in a single GCD, even that would be off my list. (Searing Totem/Healing Stream Totem, etc)
    Soothing Mist:"Healing them for a minor amount every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action."
    Jade Serpent Statue: "The statue will also begin casting Soothing Mist on your target. healing for 50% as much as yours. "
    [What's half of minor?]
    "Statue casts Soothing Mist at a nearby ally for toddler healing."

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    i miss the community feel

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    I miss

    Talent Points
    Hybrid Specs (Protribution Anyone?)
    Divine Intervention

    probably more stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treelife View Post
    I don't, I kept killing myself.
    Me too. But they were good deaths.

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    i miss going outside.
    Quote Originally Posted by inboundpaper View Post
    The short answer is nope, the long answer is noooooooooooooooope.

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    Hybrid Specs. It was fun to experiment with Shockadins =)

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    10/25 man separate raids, no heroic raids, attunements.

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