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    Had a wipe on Tsu'long as the dispels didn't happen correctly. Other than that, it feels easier than Heart of Fear LFR.

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    sha was very easy no one knew the fight took us 2 trys

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    First Boss - Zero Wipes / Zero Deaths (Felt like an annoying trash pack)

    Second Boss - One Wipe, one VERY slow wipe (Healers weren't dispelling)

    Third Boss - Zero Wipes / several deaths (Not really sure what was going on, other than the boss sounded like an Asian version of Honey Boo Boo)

    Forth Boss - Two Wipes (Tanks weren't taunting when the other was getting ported.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by NesQuek View Post
    Lastly, sha of fear DOES drop a chimeara of fear in LFR.
    Automatically assigned, or does the first person to loot the boss get it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butler Log View Post
    Automatically assigned, or does the first person to loot the boss get it?
    Inquiring minds want to know!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    Inquiring minds want to know!!
    they fixed that bug, anyone on the quest can get the chimaera.

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    It seemed to me the bosses got easier as you went along.

    We almost wiped on the first boss, with 5 people surviving. Whoever was leading thought it would be funny to put the skull and cross marks on the elders, so we basically did "elite" mode. Tsulong wiped us because we were still rezzing when he attacked.

    We killed Tsulong on the first real attempt, but got close to enrage. Had a few deaths.

    One shot the water elemental, but came close to enrage again since a mage timewarped two seconds before the boss used Hide.

    Sha of Fear was piss easy. No one died. We 24 manned since someone left and we pulled w/o replacing. The few times I glanced at my Raid group ui, no one would be low on health. Had about 7 mins left on Enrage when he died.

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    Did this in the early afternoon. With a group I think has not seen this on live or else maybe beta.

    1st boss had a couple of wipes to figure things out. Ended up doing the elite mode since if the tank can move the boss correctly is not that bad.
    2nd boss a couple of wipes. Had an afk healer for the entire fight. As well, had to have people stand in the light pillar.
    3rd boss no real problems.
    4th boss had to remind the tanks to stand in the glowing circle. As well, the big move on the side adds do hurt quite a bit.

    All in all not bad. I would say it is a bit easier then Heart of Fear LFR for the basic mechanics. As well, got my tier helm so happy.

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    What i've noticed is that healers in Terrace seem to have no clue what theyre doing.

    All the bosses are faceroll except for Tsulong if the healers haven't done ICC and they just stand there doing nothing even though theyre being screamed at to heal the dragon.

    The Sha seemed undertuned to me, my tank buddies power went out halfway through and it just got one tanked for the next 10m required to beat it.
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    Just ran one this evening and one shot all 4 bosses. Must have been a decent group in terms of healing and dispels, as that seems to be the key...

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    Yea, had some tough tries on Tsulong until the healers got the idea - heal the boss, stand in the sun breath. After that it was smooth sailing. Pretty fun, though Sha of Fear was very easy.

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    2nd boss was ok. i don't think anyone understood the mechanics, so it was kinda hard.

    4th boss, tanks died at about 30%, and we just had a holy pally and some druids take over, using whatever CDs they had. still died

    no wipes on any boss

    other 2 were so easy it's not worth commenting :P

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    Logged in on EU servers atm. I'm unable to sign to Terrace. I guess it's going to be up at about 11am?

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    was really easy for me, 0 wipes.
    seemed like most people had a pretty good idea of what to do (or at least weren't really derp)

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    Cleared it using a guild run. Two non stupid healers can carry, the first and last boss are a joke to kill, while Tsulong is hell on your healers. Lei Shi dies quickly, but also soaks healer mana if people don't run against the current.

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    Cant queue for TotES LFR on Senjin-EU.
    Another thing that gets me is the general chat when inside the Garrison. It totally reminds me of every prison film I've ever watched. The prisoners confined to their cells are talking to each other through the walls. Their chat is mostly pointless, vulgar and revolving around stuff they ll do once they get out. This is EXACTLY the content of every Garrison chat I've ever had to tolerate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UcanDoSht View Post
    Cant queue for TotES LFR on Senjin-EU.
    At 9am - same time as the last 4 LFR's

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    9am and still no totes.
    infractions about small signatures made me lol here...

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    what is the requirement to do ToES LFR?
    I wanted to do it but apparently I am missing some requirement, I dont think it s an item lvl though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikoslav View Post
    what is the requirement to do ToES LFR?
    I wanted to do it but apparently I am missing some requirement, I dont think it s an item lvl though.
    470 ilvl and clearing hof (any difficulty)

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