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    'Cause girls these days dont look for something serious?
    Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live.

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    You just have to ask the girls out, they will either say yes or no. Really most girls aren't going to ask you out and will wait for you to make the move. It may take you a while to work up the courage though but just think about it all the time . I remember it took me about 6 months of working up courage to ask out a girl for the first time. Anyway she said yes and I felt super relieved after lol. BTW the date itself is much more relaxed than going about asking. Don't worry about where you take the girl on a date (just don't go to a movie) and have a good time. I usually prefer to go to concerts and eat after but just do something you enjoy.

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    It's called Mojo. Some have it, some don't. Deal with it. I don't have it, despite good looks and being witty and all, and this means I can spend time on meaningful things like studies, working out, reading books, and hanging with my friends, instead of dumping it on a female parasite for the sake of evanescent pleasure. Damn, I think I'm rolling down the path of asexual...
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    Probably just being too nice.

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    OP, if your photo is any indicator, you lack self confidence and women can smell that miles away. There isn't anything wrong with how you look besides your uncertainty about how you look. You can try to fake confidence by holding conversations or looking them in the eye, but when you don't love yourself people pick up on it. I'm not even a woman and I picked up on it.

    Hang in there, find things about yourself that you can be proud of, and realize it's really not that bad if a girl rejects you. I think it's good to give a fuck about people, but when trying to secure a date, it's better not to give a fuck. If you let every girl that says 'no' dominate your confidence, you'll be lonely for a long time. The more dates you ask for the higher chance one will say yes. If one says no, realize it's not a big deal and move on to someone else.

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    Wow, and people around the world are starving and dying from AIDS this is a real important topic to devote our time to.
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    You need to develop a silver fucking tongue. Lie, lie, lie. Allow them to lead the conversation and conform to all of their beliefs (even astrology, and trust me brother it's fucking hard to smile and go along with a bitch stupid enough to believe in such nonsense) and make them feel as if the two of you were destiny. Don't you dare care about the outcome, or rather make them believe that you don't. You need to appear as if you can listen, but at the same time if they didn't call you or come over you could give a fuck less. It's all about the game.

    Ohh, and one last thing. You don't pay for shit the first date, and not on the second if you still aren't getting ass. Ever wonder why women can afford a $10,000 wardrobe each year while living on financial aid at school? It isn't because they are "thrifty", it's because they find chumps to give them a free meal ticket. I've known several women who giggle their asses off when they tell me that they've gone on 5+ dates in a week just because their credit card was maxed and they couldn't afford food. Don't be a chump.

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    Wow, and people around the world are starving and dying from AIDS this is a real important topic to devote our time to.
    You do all of your charity work while simultaneously checking the life changing posts on MMO-Champion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seani View Post
    Wow, and people around the world are starving and dying from AIDS this is a real important topic to devote our time to.
    And you are just sitting here?

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    You have to have "game". Simply put

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seani View Post
    Wow, and people around the world are starving and dying from AIDS this is a real important topic to devote our time to.
    Please, tell us everything you've done today for the starving and AIDS victims.
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    Read the book How to Score with Chicks by Beavis and Butthead.

    Easy to tell if girls are interested or not. If they're interested, great, keep going with it. If not, just be a friend or something. Girls love chocolate and cheesecake, btw.

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    Are your buddies "fuckbuddies" even appealing/attractive?

    What gender are they?

    Quote Originally Posted by Seani View Post
    Wow, and people around the world are starving and dying from AIDS this is a real important topic to devote our time to.
    Some people are starving of STDs, and we can help them hook up a STD-filled-person to satisfy that hunger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galil ACE View Post
    Are your buddies "fuckbuddies" even appealing/attractive?

    What gender are they?.
    I really don't see how that's relevant...

    But OP: Meeting someone isn't enough to hook up with said someone. It's not even enough for fuckbuddies. After all; you've got to be buddies first and foremost.
    You have eye-contact with women, you strike up conversation with them... And then what? Your goal is easily defined: You want to hook up.
    That would put anybody off. Honestly. Well; maybe not you, but that's because you seem to be desperate.

    So here's what: Forget about getting laid. Forget about relationships, too. Forget about romance. And treat people like people. Don't judge based on sex; make no judgement at all. If it's human, it's human, and act accordingly.
    Ironically: This is the winning formula for getting both casual sex and, eventually, a relationship. Because to get either, you need to first be able to A: Connect with someone, and B: Sustain said connection. And (this goes without saying) C: Do so without ulterior motives. People wíll pick up on them.

    As for: "I don't know what a girl would want if I'd take her out:"
    Imagine a situation in which she would ask YOU out on a date, and where she would take care of everything. You're either Dutch or Flemish, so that shouldn't be too hard. Now; if you were taken on a romantic date, what would you want it to be like?
    Once you've established what you'd want: Give it to her. Traditionally, it's flowers and a dinner, by the way. If you really want to impress: Cook for her. A woman's love goes through the stomach. Trust me on this one; whether you're dating a man or a woman, cooking for your guest is a real winner.
    If you want to take her out for a movie, though: Beware. No soppy romantic comedies. Apparently, men tend to prefer them on dates, but, equally apparently, women don't. Oh, the irony. Better yet: Allow her to pick the movie. But I hear the Hobbit is going to be in cinemas soon, so that might be a good idea.

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