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    (US-Magtheridon) [H] - Calm Down - Recruiting 9/16

    Recruiting pretty good healers of the following classes:

    Holy Paladin
    Restoration Druid
    Mistweaver Monk
    Disc Priest

    All exceptional apps considered!

    Visit www.shhcalmdown.com to apply today!

    <Calm Down> is a Horde semi-hardcore guild on US-Magtheridon. Our goal is to run successful 25-man raids. We raid three nights a week, from 8pm-12am EST on Tues, Wed, Sun, and pride ourselves on accomplishing as much as we can in that short period of time. We also pride ourselves on being able to simply have fun with the game, enjoying it for what it is: a game, a hobby.

    What can we offer you? We can offer you a guild with the stability that two plus years of growth can provide, and a group that is ready to assimilate anyone into the... quirky culture that is our guild. We can offer you a leadership that has been around the block and doesn't intend to go anywhere, anytime soon. We can offer you a group of raiders who understand what it means to be committed and consistent, including a number of raiders in school and work. We can offer you a home.


    <Calm Down> was formed towards the end of Trial of the Crusader in 2009 as a group of friends who were tired of the stress that comes with progression raiding on a hardcore schedule. We quickly formed multiple 10 man groups that finished A Tribute to Mad Skill before the release of Icecrown Citadel.

    The guild quickly burned through Icecrown Citadel normal modes, and within a few months were up to 11/12 HM’s on 10man. After a transition to 25man raiding, the guild saw moderate success, achieving 8/12 HM’s on 25man.

    Cataclysm has seen a strong start, again on 10man, before deciding in February that raiding was infinitely more fun with 15 more personalities. The first week resuming 25man raiding saw the guild achieve 10/12 normal mode kills. Following that, our group quickly dropped 6/13 heroic bosses. We finished Firelands at 6/7 Heroic, Dragon Soul at 8/8H, and are currently starting Heroic progression in Mogushan Vaults and continuing to clear Heart of Fear.

    We are always accepting exceptional applicants of any variety, so don’t be afraid to apply if you don’t see your class listed! We’re always looking to build the best roster we can.

    We have openings for exceptional healers of the following varieties:

    Holy Paladin
    Restoration Druid
    Mistweaver Monk
    Disc Priest

    We expect applicants to be on par with guild progression, ready to go with a progression oriented mindset and the ability to take constructive criticism. Because we typically run with a tight core and a small bench, high attendance and consistency are musts.

    A sense of humor (or at least really thick skin) is necessary, we calls 'em like we sees 'em. My raiders have reamed me over stupid things that I've said, and then laugh it up over drinks the next day. That said, don't worry, here there be no -isms.

    Any questions about the guild and our raiding can be directed to Modhe, Gotmesumfire, or Unearthed, either on this thread or ingame.

    Visit www.shhcalmdown.com to apply today!

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    Bump! Looking for a healer! Also recruiting strong dps for core raid spots.

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