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    IF the zombie apocolypse occurs and IF i get bitten but not eaten theres this place under a very high bridge a short walk from my home they use for bungy jumping. you have to climb down a ladder to get to it from the bridge. If im ever bitten im headed there with a bottle of sambuca to watch my last sunset/sunrise, unlock the railings and wait to turn and inevitably fall to my undeath-death
    Hi, My name is Wikkr and im an Altoholic

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    I'd be headed to Hollywood

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    Love this thread

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    I'm an evil person so I would want to infect as many as I can. I want to go down knowing I did good for the zombie community.
    “Ever wonder why ice cubes taste so boring? It’s cuz you make ‘em outta stupid water, you bimbo! Put some fruit juice in there and freeze it into ice cubes, and put THAT in your milk.”
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    For your health.

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