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    <Clarity> 10/16 Heroic | US 12th 10 man | LF Experienced Healer

    US - Arthas - Horde
    10 man


    Heroic Progress

    - 6/6 Heroic MSV
    - 5/6 Heroic HoF

    *US Rank 15th, 10 man*
    *US Rank 38th, overall*

    MOP Achievements

    *Realm First! Heroic Will of the Emperor*
    *Realm First! Challenge Conqueror: Gold*

    Past Achievements

    *Realm First! Heroic Deathwing* | US 20th 10 man | 57th US overall

    About Us

    We're a competitive 10 man group that was formed in the beginning of the Cataclysm expansion on Arthas, US. The group consists of like-minded individuals that share the same goals and expectations within the game. Since the formation, we've been a progression based raiding guild that has focused on heroic mode content specifically. Our primary goal this expansion is to place within the top 10 US of our difficulty. An ideal applicant would be one that's capable of contributing to this goal. We're looking for skill, extensive knowledge, and dedication. If you're looking to be a part of our team, you must be willing and able to meet our expectations.

    Raid Schedule

    Tuesday - Thursday, Sunday, and Monday during progression. ( 5 nights in total )
    7:30pm-11:30pm EST

    Positions Available

    An immediate slot is open for a Tank ( Paladin, Death Knight, Monk )

    How to apply

    We'll ask that you fill out an application on our website over at

    If you're looking to contact us, we do have a few alternatives.

    - Message one of the following players in game: Netherflame, Monkshot, Wazzu
    - Add "wazzu#1608", or "phalaer#1365" to Real ID
    - Send us a message on our website ( Powered by Enjin )

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