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    Quote Originally Posted by Grummgug View Post
    A better solution is to make all the top-end gear soulbound. Use the AH for buying mats or mid-tier equipment only.
    Then 99% of the people in this game won't have the great gear. Also, how would you define "top-end"? The same item can be the best and worst piece of gear, based off of its rolled stats. Please don't throw more WoW BS concepts into this game. Enrage timers already failed.

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    My computer is a two year old storebought pre-assembled stock machine and it runs the game pretty much perfectly. I don't think it's reasonable to demand more than that. WoW is a very old game, you can't compare it to a 2012 title.

    As for casual play, go self-found. Forget about the AH and don't play with anyone except other self-found friends. I was able to enjoy the game again this way. Play D3 like it's a single-player game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trotheus View Post
    This game could not be more casual-friendly. The best legendaries in the game are 25k gold now, if you pay more you just get better rolls.

    Sorry your computer is ancient and sucks, but that's not Blizzard's fault.
    This. Can play Diablo3 just with on my schools laptop, some decent dual-core proccesor, 8 GB ram witch is overkill, and not sure about the graphics card, since I got no clue on laptop hardware kinda.

    And the way the game has been nerfed, good loot on AH for cheap, etc its way easy to get into the game now. Cant be more casual. You choose to continue farm for better gear once you complete it, and that aint casual trough.
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    The term is rubber-banding, not leashing. Check you aren't playing on a region that is no good for your location.

    Your frame-rates sound like a driver issue or a corrupt install, i find Diablo 3 puts far less stress on the system than WoW.
    If you are getting 30 FPS on Ultra in WoW, then you should be seeing 30+ in D3 on Max.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grummgug View Post
    A better solution is to make all the top-end gear soulbound. Use the AH for buying mats or mid-tier equipment only.
    If by 'better solution' you mean 'worst idea ever'...then yeah, you hit it on the head. Mats are worthless already, so limiting the AH to mostly that would be a disaster. Also having only mid tier equipment would cause those prices to skyrocket and everyone would be stuck far behind where they could be now. Talk about most frustrating design ever, not to mention a terrible way for Blizz to try and make RMAH money.

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    or make gear partially soulbound.

    As in you can loot an item, pass it around, wear it, give it to an alt, and whatever you want, but once you post it on the AH, it will soulbind to whoever buys it, and if they want to get rid of it, they have to use it on an alt or salvage/sell it.

    That would allow the AH and trading to exist to an extent, and also remove gear from the system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardstyler01 View Post
    I have the same problem, and it seems to have gotten worse with the last few patches.
    I guess it's due to horrible coding. It's ALWAYS the first pack, and then it's fine later.

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    I also have this same problem, but I don't believe it's a connection issue. My brother is in the room right next to me and he hardly ever has this problem.

    I don't know what's causing all these issues, but I do know it has gotten worse with 1.04 and 1.05
    I have BOTH these problemas as well. My PC runs Diablo 3 quite smoothly, no frame delays at all... EXCEPT for the very first pack I find. Then the game just FREEZES for a few seconds. It is not even a delay, it FREEZES. Sometimes I am able to survive by smashing the survival button, IF there is no Elite on the very first pack. After this first pack, the game just runs smoothy and on a sery high setting. I am PRETTY SURE this is bad coding, since if it were my computer, it would be giving me frame delays constantly. This has killed any desire to make a Hardcore character... Dying to a stupid first pack because the game likes to freeze would be disapointing, to say the least.

    And I also get these backwards leash constantly. Since I play as a Monk (I regret not having done a ranged char, but now I'm lazy leveling another toon), I constantly die on poison pools when my character gets sent backwards. If my gear is not so great, there is nothing I can do. This is due to latency, surely, since I play with a 150 ms latency. And this is actually pretty good latency for my country. Actually, it is very common I get 300 ms, which is a death sentence to an unforgiven game like Diable 3. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do here. Blizzard will not put servers on my country, and only this way I could have a 50 ms connection.

    I sure which I could play this game offline... So all that stuff that requires fast responses would actually be fun to dodge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fawxey View Post
    The term is rubber-banding, not leashing. Check you aren't playing on a region that is no good for your location.
    The problem for me is, the servers for my location are not in my region... So I can never play without delay. It is just impossible.

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