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f*** the police.

When not long after passing my driving test i would get stopped, cuffed and drugs searched at least once a week just because i had an older car. No previous offenses or wild driving yet chained up and harassed for almost 2 years until i got one of the cops fired for harassment.

Then they attempted to charge me with possession of a knife in my car and had to goto court 4x arsing about until it got thrown out of court. It was a Stanley knife in my toolbox in the boot of the car besides a hammer and saw and other dangerous things that they didnt care about, the toolbox had been in the car every other stop too and nobody cared about the knife.. Was only when i explained i was an electrician and cant do my work without a knife that i got let off. Even 2x officers at the time was on my side but one asshat officer forced the matter into the courts, probably because he had nothing else on me after another pile or harassment stops...

They almost all dirty bastards and have no spine, not being willing to speak over the blue wall of silence. They witness bad officers doing their thing all the time but are scared to speak up about what they see as they could get shunned, they rather just cruise with the bad cops and live the dream rather than stand up for what they are supposed to believe in.

It's becoming clear to me from this thread that us British folk seem to have it worse with regards to stupid, petty, lying police bullying ordinary folk over nonsense and non-issues than our US cousins.

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The general hate of police force members is pretty bad, there are plenty of officers out there that actually went for the job because of what they believe in. Try to imagine putting up with verbal abuse, physical assault, weapons, people with serious mental conditions, hours of paperwork and talking to victims of horrific crimes (rape victims, families of murder victims) on a daily basis. With all that, I'm not surprised many officers seem easily aggrivated while on duty.
I don't think the Police that put up with most of the above would even have to put up with it if they applied reason, decency and common-sense in their approach to upholding the law. Cops commonly speak to people like utter shit throwing their weight around and expect everyone to be civil to them in return. Also, physical assault, weapons, people with mental conditions, hours of paperwork and dealing with horrific crimes are part of the job spec. If that causes you to forget reason, decency and respect for your fellow man then you're in the wrong job.