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    [AC3]"this CD key or activation key has been banned" on a just unboxed version

    So apparently, some bastard has managed to get my AC3 Freedom Edition CD key banned, because I bought this game today and i haven't even played it yet. I got this error on activation in the Uplay browser. i've already contacted Ubisoft Support about this, but is there anything else I could do?
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    There is nothing you can do short of contacting ubisoft.
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    Being that you've already contacted Ubisoft, I think you might as well wait. The only other thing I guess you could have done was go straight back to wherever you bought it and explained the issue.

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    sadly being that it is a PC copy the store will not take it back for exchange. I know it sucks, but have you tried entering the key without the dash's between the numbers/letters? try different variations on O/0/Q since they can look alike, L/l/i/I/1 can all look alike too, short of doing that i'd say ring ubisoft and patiently wait the the queue time to actually speak to someone

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    yeah, Terrorwave, i've tried that. when i do that, the CD key is not recognized, so, yeah... all I can do is wait.

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    I made a call to the retailer, or rather, my father did. apparently, the shipment containing the game was assaulted, and the thieves took off with the CD keys. I can go and pick up a new one on Saturday.
    Yes, I still live with my parents at 25.
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    wow, they actually admitted it was assaulted and keys stolen.....lol. i dont mean to laugh at your situation, but that is quite funny. good luck, i hope you get to gaming soon

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