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    Man I wish WoW was still that fresh. Always get nostalgic when watching early videos, even ones I've seen.

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    I remember that video from before I bought Wow. I always though it kinda oversold it to be honest... looking at that video it makes it looks like there were these huge ongoing battles in Gol Balar quarry and etc, that the Gurubashi arena was going to be some big gladiatorial fighting ring. It was a little disappointing going to the places in the video and seeing them all empty or mundane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzak View Post
    Oh, really? /watch?v=mRgf0Zk3qwg Watch it yourself.
    Saw that before and I think most people here did.

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    That is the Warcraft I signed up to play. That is what an MMO should be.

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    Closing this since the video is not new, many people have seen it and we don't need pages and pages of people saying so.
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